The Athenaeum

The Jesicha’s Hope Athenaeum: a gathering of articles and commentary that will broaden your mind and create better decision making.  Jesicha’s Hope understands it takes knowledge to make a decision, and wisdom begets knowledge.
Find your answers, find your path to curing the body of disease.
“I cannot teach anyone anything, I can only make them think.” Socrates
 As I gather wisdom from corners of the earth, shared by honorable men to better our health, it is put into words whereby we may understand the fruits of their minds.  It is my intention to make one think and open one’s mind to exploring all possibilities.
“Wisdom begins in wonder” Socrates
If you read what others have explored and discovered; giving you food for thought, then you may soon ask questions of the status quo.  Questions are keys that open the door to answers, possibilities, and opportunities. Let the wisdom flow in and let yourself begin to wonder what possibilities are awaiting you.
“Believe in Life”  Jesicha Napolitano
If you do not believe in life itself what worth does life have?
“Healing does not occur until the trinity-self is harmonized” Nadine Napolitano
The ‘trinity-self’ = body, mind and spirit; each link to total health.  What wisdom we have gathered and shared will help bring about your ability to understand how to regain health, sustain health and love life.