Hope for Cancer victims

Jesicha’s Hope offers support, hope and opens doors for treatments otherwise not found or talked about. We know about the fear and desperation, we understand what it is like when night falls, the house is quiet and you begin to think, your mind wanders, hours pass and still you have no answers. Let us put hope into your life, let you begin to live in peace.
There is always hope, no one ever is dying. We live until we have squeezed out every drop of living. This is living, and Jesicha’s Hope gives you this and more.
Discover on our blog, designed for sharing of thoughts, comments and stories; it where we can talk with everyone that has cancer, is in remission or has experienced cancer in their families. Hope needs to be shared. let us share it at the Jesicha’s Hope Blog.

Update 2018: Today our blog has blossomed into informative articles teaching and giving wisdom about the how’s, the why’s and what’s of cancer; most especially about the hope we have discovered over these last 6 years to cure cancer. While our excitement is bittersweet, wondering if such discoveries could have saved our Jesicha, but then if it was not for her we would not be here with the truths she gave us through her journey and her passing.  Thank you Jesicha for your help.

Find out how what we have found to stop cancer dead in its tracks.


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