Time, there is no time

January 20th, five months; makes me think of time, what relationship do we have to time; is time relative to our existence or merely a time table for us to compare events? I cannot say five months is long or short, it is when I looked at the measurement of when an event occurred. I believe the event makes me either think it short or long.

We measure our lives by timeframes, birthdays, anniversaries; all measured by time, One month passes, one year passes and we measure it. We jubilee, excited for the passing, we celebrate. It is then we study the years and bring sadness to ourselves, mourning the passing of time, giving it a life of its own, We criticize time, tell it to go away, one year older, time is making us old, Yet time is not making us old, it is ourselves the perception we have in the relationship of time that makes us age. Do we feel different or feel the change and answer ourselves a complete negative; why then do we believe ourselves and blame time. Who we are is relative to the passing of time.

Our days and years with the ones we love, the measurement of time from one event to another, from when we worked or went to school, where we lived from time to time; all measured, all calculated, making us wonder where we stand in the scheme of things. Yet, it is our place, where we choose to put ourselves, if we are in the here and now, that is our place and no other. The distance between on event or another, between when we were in one place and now stand here, it is all relative to how we perceive our time.

Does time move fast or slow; such a question is posed to us; the answer is neither, Time just is just a measurement and is nothing more, time is not, it is has being. The universe measures nothing, it happens, the existence of one thing to the existence of another, there is no time, just eternity. We are here, we exist and live, experience the living, then we move to another place in the universe, we are and still will be. Others will see us pass through, enjoy our existence, then mourn our passing but it is only relative to our movement.

January 20th, five months since Jesicha passed from cancer, is it wrong to count or calculate, to measure the time? Perhaps I do for the remembrance, then of course my heart will tell me there is no measurement, such shall never exist for her time of leaving shall be there and what comes after shall never have a measurement; the loss will remain steadfast in time, for eternity it shall stand only the measurement of things. Jesicha came, existed and I loved her, shared with the whole of her existence, then she passed from the here to her new place in the scheme of all things.

Update 2018: Years have passed and still time has stood still within my heart. I have helped so many find the joy in beating cancer and many I have stood by to hold the hand of loved one of they too had to say good bye.  Our work helping more people beat cancer has given me joy to know I have given the gift of living longer to them. I wish there was a Jesicha’s Hope for you, dear Jesicha.

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