Remembering being 36 forever

florida 2011 047

Sometimes you are lost for words because our hearts are too filled with love, no words can complete our thoughts or begin to describe our love. When this happens you only need sit and allow your heart’s emotions to reflect outwardly so all can see the abundance of love it holds.

March 13th, Jesicha’s birthday; my forever 36 year old angel; a day so filled with emotion, there was no room for me to express myself; I needed that day to reflect, remember and just feel. When your whole life becomes filled, we are receiving a message: inbox full, from God, our spirits need to just feel, nothing more, no more taking in responses from the universe, it needs to absorb what it has, to feel it, know it and only then can the full experience of being loved, loving and letting love flow around us, be totally felt.

This photo was taken shortly after her 36th birthday, last year. It was her last birthday here on earth, the last we shared, the last time she ever turned older. Now she is in a forever state, where there is no time, no sadness, no pain, no more cancer, only love, joy and hope engulfs her. She is and she always will be……

My Jesicha, the image of hope to mankind; you loved life, experienced it and taught us all, there is nothing more precious, than life itself, treasure it, experience it, for it is fleeting and there is no time for wasting on worries or frivolous follies; the lesson taught is of love and hope, we shall remember it, share it, being ever reminded of you.

No one should have to watch their child leave this world early.


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