Monthly Archives: May 2012

You’re the Cancer Cash Cow

You are facing a decision.  Your diagnosis is cancer. Where do you turn and what do you do? Everyone is diagnosed by a doctor or health care facility; you are then sent to a specialist, an oncologist. It is the oncologist;s job to give you all the information necessary...


The Empty Cake Plate

My birthday came, and it was raining. I watched the rain, big droplets and small; they hit the window pane and rolled down, drop by drop. The minutes passed directly to the beat of the rain drops; pitter patter, pitter, patter, tick, tock, tick, tock. Will the rain stop...


Mother’s Day Silence

Mother’s Day, what a day. You share with your children all the memories of days passed and dream of new adventures with your family. Chatter is all about, the smell of flowers everywhere; rain or shine, the sun shines upon us this day. Little voices, grown up voices fill...