Today’s Radiation Poisoning–From a different war

Over sixty years ago the world discovered the effects of radiation poisoning. Bombs stopped the war but brought upon the people a new type of horror.  Doctors had no idea as to how to treat this mysterious illness;  slowly many died with no type of treatment. Others did not feel or notice the effects until years later, this mysterious illness, known as radiation poisoning silently weakened immune systems, and organs giving these long term survivors illnesses that many would not ever know were related to the radiation poisoning.

Years later, the survivors found themselves on distant shores, immigrating to other countries; their illnesses never recognized as late effects of radiation poisoning. Who asks, were you in WWII, were you in Japan at the time?  How many thought to ask or thought to tell.  But those that did, those that compared themselves to others in Japan find heart disease, diabetes and cancer as common illnesses their fellow survivors shared. Weakened immune systems were common amongst those survivors.

Cancer – one of the most common effects of radiation. And these survivors enter into a new war. The war on Cancer.  With the onslaught of chemicals in our lives, from foods, to cleaning to what we wear, what we breathe; all have chemicals, and we are ingesting, breathing in and absorbing chemicals at an amazing rate.  And we wonder why our bodies are sick and why cancer is so common?

The new war, the War on Cancer is fought with radiation,  but it is not stopping the war; in fact, it is prolonging the war. How can we stop the war with the very element that causes the cancer? Oh, it burns it out, it stops on part of the war, but it then rages in the body, debilitating it until another cancer appears along with other side effects, like weakened immune system, damage to organs, more cancer.

So what do you do?  If you have already had radiation or you have made a choice to have radiation then you need to carefully read the following link. This link is a must read for anyone that has had radiation or will have radiation. Know what to do in order to rid the body of the poisons. Know what to look for, what to use, how to detoxify and what good supplements will draw it out.  Be prepared.  If you are considering radiation or have been told by your doctor to use it on your cancer; you will want to read this information, make your decision educated.

Is there another way to fight the war?  Take a good look at alternatives; cancer need not be cut, poisoned or burned, destroying the body along with it; setting people up for long term effects to battle with later. Many cancers become resistant to chemos and radiation coming back, as recurrent, stronger and more aggressive.  Good proven alternatives do not harm the body, but do kill the cancer.  A very new to the scene treatment, called BX Antitoxin is proving itself to be a true state of the art treatment with high success rates for all cancers. This and others are found at Jesicha’s Hope, where all resources proven to work are found. Be educated, fight cancer, but don’t hurt the body.


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