Lei Gong Teng does it hold hope?

The study of Lei Gong Teng otherwise known as Thunder God Vine or Three Winged Nut, the Latin name: Tripterygium wilfordii.  It has been used for over 400 years in China, Japan and Korea for inflammation and immune disorders.

So what is all the buzz about Lei Gong Teng?  The herb, a perennial vine, has found its way into the lime light as it has been studied for its use in benefiting those with cancer.  A key element in Thunder God Vine is triptolide, an element that causes or triggers cancer cell apoptosis.  When apoptosis occurs the cells die a sudden ‘natural’ death. In cancer cells apoptosis does not occur, the reason they continue to live and reproduced, causing larger tumors and more metastases; any thing that causes apoptosis to occur turns on the ‘natural death’ switch and cancer cells begin to die.

A study using mice injected with pancreatic cancer cells,  given the Lei Gong Teng extract had whole tumor reduction and/or disappearance at about 40 days. This is a dramatic discovery and worthy of being studied or used. At the University of Minnesota’ s Masonic Cancer Center, Ashok Saluja, vice chairman of research noted to Bloomberg, “ You could see that every day you looked at those mice, the tumor was decreasing and decreasing and then just gone.”  After treatment ceased, there was no relapse.

As far back as 2007, the herb and its triptolide element was studied at Yale University and others for its effect on cancer cells, causing programmed death [apoptosis].  It was thought to be a powerful weapon against prostate cancer. And in 2006 in Texas, at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, the study there indicated the powerful herb was effective in increasing anti cancer agents as well as finding the triptolides targeted leukemic cancer lines. John Hopkins has studied triptolide since as far back as 1972 but until recently have they discovered exactly why the triptolides do what they do.

Further studies have shown it is effective for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parkinson, MS and other diseases and aliments; the compounds within the Lei Gong Teng are able to effectively bring down inflammation and cause natural programmed die off of diseased cells; this plant gives one powerful punch against what seriously ails us.  For those with cancer especially with prostate or pancreatic cancer, this powerful punch is a welcome soldier.

So why after it has been used successfully by Chinese, Japanese and Korean doctors for centuries and studies for near  decade in Western Universities is it not in use for treating otherwise hopeless patients?  As someone said, if the pharmaceutical corporations cannot successfully extract the compound and synthesize it into a patentable drug; this herb will be ignored and sneered at as a dangerous herb.  Already there are writings indicating it could cause a decrease in the immune system,  contraceptive, stomach problems, nausea, etc; and by some scientists considered toxic and should be watched or avoided. Yet, there is nothing more toxic than chemotherapy and doctors and scientists are more than willing to use it with side effects so serious, they are the leading cause of deaths among those with cancer as statistics indicate.  Without the opportunity to make billions of dollars off this wonderful herb’s natural secret weapon against cancer and other diseases; people in the main stream will never hear about Thunder God Vine. Some will go so far as to suppress results or manipulating results in order to keep this powerful weapon from getting into the hands of the hopeless where they may just find hope.

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