On Angel Wings

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August 20th marked an important day;  Jesicha quietly passed through the veil, over the horizon to meet and become part of the rainbow bridge community.  Like it was yesterday,  twenty four short months has slipped between my holding her in my arms, to only remembering it but it is clear in my mind.

Her smell, that sweetness of her hair and skin; if God could create a flower with such fragrance my gardens would overflow with such floral treasures.  I would love to hold onto all things that keep her alive in my mind and heart. Such memories keep me from the thought of her death; leaves me with pleasure in my heart rather than pain of the loss. Gentle sleep is my last image of her. Last words are held forever on her lips; they echo in my ears, will remain in a vast vacuum for me to never let go. Alone in the stillness of the night, I hear her words and it awakens me to her presence.

My spirit connects, there somewhere just beyond the veil, a space where two planes of the universe meet, she connects.  The connection is savored and the energy she gives me sinks deep within and permeates my mind and heart. I know her message of love is ever flowing; her peace with all things is evident. I take this with me during my day and energizes my work.  She gives me cause to continue my work, letting me know she is with me on it, giving spiritual assistance and guidance to me, but more importantly to those that suffer from cancer, guiding them to where hope is.

I know now that hope is not imaginary, a subtle feeling of an emotional high, to gain strength from and allow us to move forward through difficulties. Hope is alive. I remember her telling me these words when she had experienced cancer healing and asked the meaning of her words.  She made it clear as she set up Jesicha’s Hope that it was exactly that, it was her hope that she would give to others, just as she had discovered it, now she would let people know it. Had I known for her to give such hope she had to be where hope comes; and so she grabbed her angel wings and set out to spread her hope. Hope is alive, there is a life energy force that is hope; it feeds the spirit and gives it life; it lets the mind and body know, all life comes from and through the universe, from over the rainbow bridge; passing from spirit to spirit just beyond the veil where angels meet us [our spirit] to hand us hope.

For those that have experienced support and healing through Jesicha’s Hope, they know all too well what hope feels like, that feeling of a energetic life force, powerful and seductive; pulling you in where you want more, and you take in hope like you are gulping spring water as it bubbles from deep within an unknown source.  And for all that have drunk from her spring of Hope, August 20th gives them cause for celebration; on angel wings Jesicha brought them hope.

If you need support, guidance, resources for cancer please feel free to visit www.jesichashope.org or contact us: info@jesichashope.org We are available seven days a week; never feel alone. Our services, at Jesicha’s request are free of charge.


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