ALTERNATIVE Treatments: What does it mean to you?

Alternative – what does this word mean when talking health care or treating cancer? For most one would immediately tell you, any treatment or preventative measure that is not of the norm. This answer is correct but what we need to do is to look more closely at the word – norm or normal. What is normal?

We have to agree, we are not all created equally. Where we live and our lifestyle sets up what is normal for us; but not for the family next door, across the street, all the way to an ocean away. We also are influenced to different degrees to pressures of our peers; professional influence is the greatest. How we make decisions are based on what influences us. If we are comfortable with our influential suppliers, like your oncologist, we have then found our normal state or our comfort zone.

As we look at our comfort zone, and who and what influences us, that we trust our influential suppliers we then agree that what influential suppliers want us to call normal or standard healthcare treatments and preventative measures is normal for you. Anything outside that box we have just created for ourselves would be called –alternative.

For most people the average norm is using mainstream health care and listening to whatever your medical doctor [oncologist or radiologist] tells you, not questioning his or her opinions or recommendations. The majority is influenced by authorities and professionals; decisions are made simply by doing exactly what their influential suppliers tell them. Alternative for them is anything outside this very tight, narrow minded box whereas if it is not approved by the FDA, that if mainstream doctors do not administer or recommend it, they believe it is not good [ for cancer anything that is not chemotherapy, radiation or surgery]. Often you will find people within this box and their influencers to be radically opposed to anything outside their box; to this extent many professionals practicing other treatments or preventative measures are scorned and targeted by mainstream.

There are rising groups that are breaking down the walls, asking questions, doing their own research and using treatments and preventative measures outside that tight little conventional box, they question but do not accept chemotherapy side effects  but want to know how to avoid them or rid their bodies of the poison.  Natural is now not a bad word but one that represents something better. Organic now represents eating and using the best sources of food. These are being incorporated in more lifestyles. As natural products and organic foods are used in the normal course of living; they become normal within these new groups; for them organic and natural are no longer alternative but normal.

A large group, and every growing, sees using natural and organic products and foods as completely normal and anything that is not natural or organic as unhealthy therefore not used. This group uses naturally based practitioners first and only uses mainstream conventionally practicing doctors as needed. They will heal using naturally based remedies and prevent disease or health issues eating and supplementing with naturally occurring modalities. They believe in the whole body theory rather than treating symptoms or treating the parts of the whole; the whole body theory sees all the parts as connected and dependent upon the whole and symptoms are all linked to multiple parts upsetting the balance of the whole. Nutrition is a focus point, a component to caring for the whole [body, mind and spirit]. This is normal for this group. Alternative for this group is anything that is conventionally practiced; all drugs, chemicals and toxic products would be classified as not normal or negative alternatives to their norm. This group believes a normal approach to cancer would be ‘do no harm’ always first; side effects and long term effects from chemo or radiation is unacceptable and drugs only treat the symptom but does not treat the whole. Targeting the cause of disease is foremost during treatment of cancer or other disease, this group sees this approach as a normal course of action.

If you were asked what alternative healthcare is, what would you answer? What group is normal for you? Understanding who you are and what group you most closely identify with will give you a sense of what is alternative for you. When you are told a treatment is alternative, ask yourself before judging the treatment who told you it was alternative; what group does this person, or practitioner belong? Is this treatment within your norm or outside your norm? If you consider a treatment that is an alternative by your distinct group, consider questioning it and taking steps to allow your intuitive energy to take over, giving you a reasonable influence as to whether this ‘alternative’ might just be worthy of your consideration. The more often the majority begins to question and use alternative treatments; a new shift will take place. Treating cancer or other disease doing ‘do no harm’ first will be the first course of action, not only demanding but expecting no side effects or long term effects for any cancer treatment will be standard practice. Invasive treatments like chemo and radiation will be consider the alternative rather than the standard, and something to avoid unless absolutely necessary. Alternative will one day mean anything outside what is naturally occurring. The norm will become a lifestyle with no chemicals, toxic products and drugs; a world where manmade is for inedible products and where we rely on Mother Nature to feed us and heal us.

For more information in healing and preventative measures using naturally occurring for disease visit Jesicha’s Hope.  We show you options and help facilitate treating cancer and other disease using ‘do no harm’ treatments.


3 comments on “ALTERNATIVE Treatments: What does it mean to you?

  1. Rose Klix

    Alternative therapies are a choice, not a directive. That choice is tailor-made for the person and situation at a right time, place, and with the best practitioner. I tried to cure my cancer through a variety of alternative therapies. It was too late to prevent surgery. The cells had a head start. I learned that prevention is the best cure and that’s what I’m practicing now.

  2. jesichashope

    Prevention always is the best cure if we are considering organic diet and the elimination of toxic products out of our lifestyle as preventative, with whole food supplements used to assist the body’s defense system. Western medicine’s preventative ideas are often invasive and as with mammograms are considered a pathway to over treating, and wrong diagnosis as well as exposure to carcinogenic risks. False hope of prevention is worse than no prevention;

    1. Rose Klix

      I totally agree with your description of prevention. Now, I eat an organic diet and avoid all toxins as much as is humanly possible in this poisoned world. Best wishes.

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