Is Killing Cancer Killing Us or Do We Try to Cure It?


How do we make decisions? When it comes to making a decision about alternative cancer treatments why is it so difficult to make the choice to do it? Yet, as crazy as it sounds people will quickly with no thought do chemotherapy with all the side effects and risk of death. We ponder and question what will not hurt us and cure us but we do not question what will harm us.

So how should we make decisions? We should look at evidence from all stand points. Chemotherapy and radiation have enough evidence both scientific and anecdotal to show it will kill cancer cells but it also kills healthy cells, in other words if the cell replicates quickly it is destroyed, if it is near the radiation point it will be killed; toxicity of both will harm the body long term. Non invasive treatments range across the globe, we do know they do not harm healthy cells or give the patient long term risks; killing cancer cells is evident from more anecdotal evidence and papers written of case studies, along with historical data showing many non invasive treatments have been used successfully for centuries and only discarded when western medicine realized no profits were made curing the disease. Looking at the evidence from all points we see logically one would go with what will kill the cancer and will not harm the body leaving the patient in relatively good condition. Yet, the majority of decisions are made to the contrary.

Perhaps the point not mentioned – cost is the key decision maker. Chemotherapy and radiation could cost in the tens of thousands per month; making this one of the most costly treatment option for cancer or any other disease for that matter. Billions and billions of dollars are made treating cancer every year, in every hospital; without cancer to treat what would happen to the cancer industry? But how do people afford such high cost treatments? Insurance and financial government aid; without insurance or financial aid no one could afford having cancer and a cure would have to be used. But insurance companies pay out the billions, insurers gladly pay the premiums or the government aid pays out; the consumer in any case pays a dear price thought it is done so clandestinely so we don’t identify the problem. Non invasive treatments done diligently and before too much westernized medicine damage has occurred costs about one month worth of chemo to cure cancer; but insurance will not pay one dime of it, certainly no government aid is available. Is cost the main determining factor, and is our life worth tossing because it is cheaper to kill ourselves slowly with chemo than to pay to cure?

Is how we make our decisions killing or curing us? The answer to that question is in how you answer the question: How do you make your decisions? Will you make cure or kill decision?

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