May I have the Alternative Cancer Treatment?


We believe in the freedom of choice and we somehow, as free citizens of the US believe we have a freedom to not only choose but to be given all options available when we are faced with a disease. How else, unless we all became researchers would we know of all the choices we had to treat our specific disease. But what it the law protects the doctors from giving out such information and is legally able to give us only the choices HE wants to?

The courts have ruled, if a treatment is not considered approved within the state you reside the doctor is not obligated to tell you that such a treatment exists. The freedom of information for patients is based on telling the patients what is available to them, and the word ‘available’ means according to law, what is ‘available’ within the state you are being treated. If it is not available for you to use in that state then the doctor is not obligated to tell you it exists.

So how we to fairly ascertain what treatments are are truly available by our meaning of ‘available’? For most patient faced with a disease, they want to be cured, and they want to have in front of them information on every available treatment, meaning every treatment that can be obtained, anywhere in the world that you can drive, fly or float to. You want to be cured, whether in the middle of the Amazon jungle or the bustling city of Beijing, you want to find that cure. You want to be able to choose from whatever cures are available. Let us chose the jungle or the city.

Yet within the borders of the freest nation on earth; we are bound by the un-free laws. We are given choices and we must choose, whether the choices may kill us, or poison us or allow us to lose body parts, it is mandated we choose. If the patient be a child there is less freedom; and the choice may be made against parent’s wishes. Watching your child suffer under the control of the state, mandating certain procedures is most cruel; poisoning, cutting or burning [chemo, surgery and radiation] your child’s cancer is not the best choice, and most children die. Treatments available elsewhere are not invasive and more children live, yet according to the law of the land, those choices are NOT available choices, but elusive [alternative] treatments for you to find on your own, and for you to stealthily whisk your child away in the deep dark night; and for many to give up US residence or face charges, even if the child is cured. Medical tourism for alternative cancer treatments in Mexico or Germany give those with cancer, adult or child hope for curing their cancer but our freedom of choice is selective.

Where is freedom of choice? How can we have a law giving us the right of choice and the right to know treatment choices but have opposing laws to take those rights away simply through arbitrarily defining the word ‘available’ to confine options within a selected area? How can we trust a system that denies us what most would agree is our inalienable right of life?

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  1. Chloe Scott

    hello everyone,
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    1. jesichashope

      Thank you for your posting. While Cannabis oil is profoundly useful and successful, as you are demonstrating. Not all respond to Cannabis oil treatment, while it does good it often does not eliminate the cancer and we must always go with an open mind to have many options at our fingertips. Jesicha’s Hope recognizes Cannabis oil, as well we advocate its use but we cannot advocate it as a stand alone treatment; cancer is too much an enemy to not be aware and prudently treat it to cure it with as many weapons one can do. Curing cancer is not just killing it; we need to bring the body to a basic toxin free base and rebuild the body’s defense system; all this along with killing the cancerous cells; only then do we see cures.

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