Who Says the US is the Best in Cancer Treatment?



Very often I hear the words: Why would anyone go out of the US for cancer treatment when we have the best treatment available? Meaning of course, chemotherapy, radiation and radical surgery is the best treatments available and anything other than that trio is considered alternative cancer treatments.

If you had cancer would you want to be treated where the cancer survival rates were the highest or the lowest? Would you want to be treated where there were more options beyond America’s sacred trio? Is treating cancer more than treating the cancerous lesions and tumors?

In the US, treating cancer is governed; there are laws that tell doctors what they can and cannot do. The UK has similar laws. Yet both the US and UK have low survival ratings, UK at 32 and US 58 [1 being worst and 192 best survival rated country] So with all those laws and protective agencies these countries offer their citizens the worse survival chances.

According to world cancer rates, United States ranks 6th among the top 50 countries with the highest cancer diagnosed cases. It is number 2 in cancer cases for women and number 9 for men. And these men and women will have a low survival rate despite they are living in what the world sees as a world leader in advanced technology. Being governed by the FDA to make available only chemotherapy, radiation and surgery; restricting and forbidding any other treatment no matter how non invasive, safe and successful, the United States will continue to disappoint and fail its citizens.

Just south of the United States is Mexico. Here both conventional or western medicine as well as alternative medicine is allowed and practiced. Although,  those that  tell you the United States is the best country in the world for cancer treatment, will also tell you not to trust Mexican doctors, are wrong again. Mexican hospitals and clinics are clean, regulated and their doctors all educated and licensed, the same as US doctors; with the exception that most Mexican doctors are focused on their oath not on their investments. All negative statements regarding Mexican cancer treatments originate from sources with the worst ratings and making the most profits.

Cancer diagnosis in Mexico is far lower than its northern neighbor, and does not even make the cancer statistic ratings in the top 50 countries, falling well below at about 128 cases per 100,000. While the United States is near three times that. Is it environmental? Or is the Mexican lifestyle more conducive to eating more natural foods and less processed items, helping them to prevent cancer occurrence.

Survival ratings for those with cancer in Mexico is one of the highest, 167 [192 being the best]. Those seeking treatment in Mexico join and share some of the best cancer treatments in the world, making surviving cancer possible. Many of the treatments concentrate on the whole not just the cancerous symptom, giving cause to reason why Mexico enjoys such a high survival rating.

So, why would anyone go outside the United States for cancer treatment? The answer is simple, to survive.

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