Honey I bought alternative cancer treatment today

“Honey, I cancelled the 43,000 loan at the bank today for the new car you wanted and put in an application for a 30,000 loan at MedLoan for alternative cancer treatment for the husband I want to keep; I thought you would appreciate my decision. We are even saving money and our car is working just fine, just think honey you don’t even depreciate like the car would. “

“I looked over the treatment plan your doctor gave you. Honey, the side effects alone look worse than the cancer, I cannot put you through it. I married you for sickness and health but I did not marry you to sit by and let people do what they will with the man I love, my soulmate.”

Beside the laptop humming away, a pile of notes on alternative cancer treatments sat to the right; on the left was more than two stacks leaning in odd directions of printed documents on drugs and their side effects, statistics on survival rates, radiation statistics and surgical procedures with pros and cons, the cons were circled in bright red. From where he stood he could see the stack of brightly red circled printed paperwork and headed for the stack.

“What’s this all about? I take it that the bright red means you don’t like it, I know you and that bright red marker is always pointing something out to me”

She joined him eager to discuss her hours and days of work with him. “Your right honey, its Big red being mean again” She laughed and hugged him. “Those red circles are all the bad things that can happen to you if you chose surgery” “I like you whole honey, not all chopped up.”

“From the looks of what you and Big Red found, I will tend to agree.” “But the doctor did say a few rounds of chemo will shrink this and he might not have to do radiation although it might not be a bad idea. There was that new drug that he was talking about, the insurance does not pay for the whole thing, and it’s expensive but the doc said he thinks it might be worth a shot too. Don’t you think we owe him a chance before we go head long into the thing that you are so adamant about?”

“Honey, all that chemo you are talking about will make you so sick you will wish you were in a coma or worse, I read all the paperwork on them and most of them work a short time with your cancer, radiation if it does shrink anything is only a temporary measure and unless it’s a miracle it will come back. We don’t have much of a window after it comes back. It will be a lot of making you comfortable, and then settling affairs; that’s not what I call let’s give the ole doc a chance. I am adamant about curing you.”

“Sweetie, the doc said no one can cure cancer, it’s a myth. Anyone that tells you that is telling you a lie. I know you want to believe that but no one can cure me. The doc says what he has for me is what is available. I am sure if there was something more he would tell us.”

She went over to the laptop and started to pound at the keys. Her fingers hit the keys so hard he thought he was back in his old typing class in his early high school years. “Sweetie you’re going to kill the lap top.”

“Not before I show you what a bunch of lies you’ve been told.” She pounded away some more.” Come read this.” He sat beside her and began to read. What he began to read was all the statistics on how the pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars on drugs and take in billions and billions of dollars for research but no cure occurs, in fact many of the drugs are just relabeled, repatented drugs to earn more profits; how the American Cancer Society is the richest non profit in the world, with more money pouring in but nothing coming out of it; how the survival rates are going down and the cancer cases are going up; how the United States is one of the worse for survival and worse for cancer cases. He put his head in his hands. “The doc lied to me.”

“Sweetie, what did you find out? I know you wouldn’t lie to me.”

“I found this lady, her daughter was lied to, and she died” You heard sobs. “Honey but this is the beauty of it, Jesicha left her mom with answers and she started Jesicha’s Hope before she passed.” He lifted his head, his face filled with hope as a last tear was spent across his cheek. She wondered, is that the first tear of hope of the last of fear.

“Jesicha’s Hope is a great place, they advocate alternative cancer treatments. Chemotherapy destroys the immune system she told me and how can you fight something if your immune system is killed off too. Our bodies she said live in harmony, all she talked about was harmony and balance, cancer hates harmony, balance and order; give the body order and cancer starts packing. So we have to put your house back in order Honey. And she told me how since the beginning of time our bodies would have a fever when it got sick and that was not a bad thing but a good thing; not like today where doctors run and give you some drug to stop the fever, back then doctors let the fevers kill off the disease or germs or whatever; interesting don’t you think? Well – now they do this treatment called x-gly, it is a controlled death for cancer and they can do PDT where they give you this liquid called sensitizer that reacts when powerful lights are put of your body so where the cancer is, then you are immune to your own cancer, pretty cool.” And she patted his abdomen gently. “Then it’s bye bye cancer.” She leans down to his abdomen “Hear me cancer? Bye bye!”

He laughs – “I remember when I used to talk to your belly. Now you are talking to mine.”

“Difference is Honey, when you talked to my belly; you were talking to the love of our lives, our baby. I am talking to our enemy within. “

“I talked to this scientist today that Jesicha’s Hope put me in touch with. Remember that consultation bill for 700.00 we got, well this cost me nothing and he talked to me for over 30 minutes answering every question I had. He gave it to me straight. You got a difficult cancer but thing is we got it early and without using drugs to knock the immune system out your body has a huge fighting chance. And all that talk about harmony, balance and order, that’s all part of treating the whole of you not just your belly like this guy said. I was just so psyched talking to this scientist this afternoon.”

She went to the pile of alternative cancer treatment papers; thumbing through the small pile that was there for making her loan application she found a treatment protocol. “Here Honey here is your treatment protocol. It lists all the treatments that the he recommends for you. We will  get you started on this while we get things together to go to get the whole treatment. We will  be there for two weeks and then come home, you’ll do a post treatment for a year, just to be sure.”

He took the papers and read them looking up at her as he finished. Tears were rolling down his face. “I really feel good about this; and none of this looks like it would make my liver fail or my hair fall out, my immune system fail me or any other horrible side effect circled by Big Red.”

“The loan company said there should not be a problem and we can pay it back like we would have if you were buying that new car. I could take it from my IRA but thought this was a bit more disciplined. My sister is going to stay here and watch things; she likes staying by the lake anyway and can use time away from the city. I called the airline and got tickets for two weeks out. Things just started to fall into place and I knew it was right”

“Sweetie, you don’t have to do the loan we can take it from our retirement, this treatment is so worth it; look at the estimates of the chemo treatments, the 20/80 copays alone in a year along with that drug for the nausea that was not going to be covered would have been well over the cost of 30,000. What I cannot understand is why do people let doctors poison them and not even cure them; I can see I could justify it if it cured you but it doesn’t? All that and all those thousands and thousands of dollars, heck the guy in the next cubicle from me at work said his wife’s bills topped out at near two million before she died, and she died sweeties she died,damn she died. All that money and they couldn’t cure her. “

“The big Pharmas do a lot a advertising and people believe all that propaganda; the truth is the United States is one of the worse countries for surviving cancer, goes to show all those drugs and you still die; what is really scary is the US is high on the list for getting cancer, for women can you believe it is number 2? That’s scary. Something is terribly wrong. Jesicha’s Hope gave me so much information and there are pages on their website that gives you information about all the protocols that you will be having. Plus a lot of information on what the truth is, makes you glad and mad all at the same time.  She told me some local hyperthermia is allowed in the US but the FDA mandates chemo or radiation be done with i, and they do PDT too but they use a sensitizer too weak and lights that are weak and don’t match the sensitizer, it’s like the government doesn’t want it to work so it can say – see told you alternatives don’t work. You are going to be doing PDT, she said it stood for  Photo Dynamic Therapy, you will be taking this sensitizer and when light hits the cancer cells they die; I simplified it but she said you can read about it on Jesicha’s Hope site. What is really exciting Honey is this research scientist is one of the premier researchers in the medical field years ago and now retired, kind of, because his Mom died of cancer and he wanted to cure the enemy that took his Mom. The doctor that works with him is a top doctor in the Philippines that really dedicates himself to curing people. There they are just tucked away in the Philippines so know one can bother them. Pretty cool, huh? ”


She came over to him and sat down next to him on the love seat near the fire that crackled. The sun was setting over the lake. He put his arm around her. “ Yes Honey?”

“You did good. Real good. I could not have anyone love me more.”

“ Honey? Then it’s okay that that I cancelled that car loan? I made a better deal?”

“Sweetie, that car can never compare to life. I cannot see how anyone would not see how important life is, life with you is priceless. And you made a very good deal, the best deal since you said I DO.”

“Honey, YOU are priceless, that’s why I prayed and asked God to help me keep you. When I searched alternative cancer treatments I found the story about Jesicha, it was sad but when I talked to her Mom the director now, her dedication to giving hope was amazing and I learned so much about treatment options, the PDT, Curcumin and her harmony, balance and order. She’s developed this relationship with the researcher, she said she wished she had found it before but it probably wouldn’t have done a lot for the damage the chemo did to her Jesicha but, now she is able to really help people so others don’t bury their loved ones, like you honey.  Jesicha’s Hope arranges everything so all we have to do is concentrate on important things.”

“Why is there so much deception all for the sake of profits? If we decided to believe all that chemo propaganda from the doc our time together would have been shortened, you would have watched me suffer, and our life savings would have been depleted as to pay for all those extra bills and when I had to stop working during those sick chemo days. All for what? The guy in the cubicle next to me, the one that lost his wife, he just had to sell his house and go bankrupt; two million dollars, a dead wife, two little ones, no house, bankrupt, damn doctors don’t care. I am so proud of you and furthermore I would so love to hug Jesicha’s mom, she is one great mom, she just stopped me from killing myself with poisons; I am going to fight this cancer head on and I am going to use my own body to help out. I am glad she made has that special arrangement to organize the treatment plans for people at the clinic it makes our lives so simple when we are so worried. It gives us time to just hold each other and feel how blessed we are.”

“Yes Honey we are blessed. A blessed couple with an old car.” She ruffled his hair and laughs.

“Throw another log on you silly ole girl. By the way I like old cars. And tonight I love them even more.”


For more information about finding alternative cancer treatments or therapies please visit www.jesichashope.org  Jesicha’s Hope can offer many alternative options, information, provide free consultations and always support. 










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