Cancer is evolutionary? Or Is this evidence of millenniums of cancer’s existence?

Since the beginning of time there have been toxic elements that have affected organisms; these effects have resulted in the mitochondria being invaded by organisms. The taking over or kidnapping of a cell’s mitochondria results in disease, what disease is depending on the pathogen. Cancer is one such result and has been doing damage throughout our existence as well no doubt before our [humanity] time.

This is another long money consuming study that results in nothing more than theories that keep scientists busy without resulting in an acceptance or admission curing is possible and in fact known possible. We know the lack of toxins, the balance of the organism and harmony of the organism’s energy plays a curative role in cancer and other disease. Scientists cannot make millions on promoting organic foods and products and the banning of all processed, chemical laden and Genetically Modified Organisms [GMO’s}; these ruling corporations are giants with no soul and will never allow humanity to see cancer cured but will allow it to spread like an epidemic.

Cancer has been known for centuries and recognize its probable existence for millenniums: however, the difference is that the toxic incidences causing cancer in the past were not common, and many were treated with natural treatments early on and survived; others did not survive yet we may assume from seeing little evidence in tombs of people dying of cancer such deaths was not common. Today the use of any natural method or non-invasive is banned leaving scientists to ban us from using the ‘cure’ word when in fact cancer HAS been cured for centuries.

We seem to be going backwards instead of forwards; not in the curing of the cancer but in the contracting of cancer. We should have focused our research on the causes – what toxins cause it, how to prevent the toxin build up, how to strengthen the immune system to kill off early proliferating cancer cells better; but the profiteers are not about to ever allow their billions of dollars in profits get in their way. So how do we overcome the train wreck of humanity? The answer is out there we either cure ourselves or we become a statistic.


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