Bananas Only Oh My

There are many good foods that provide us the nutrients we need. If we choose not to eat one food because we don’t like it our health does not suffer. When we need to heal, there are many good natural healers, if we choose one over another does not mean we chose the wrong one, just another one. As with foods, there are plenty of choices considered a whole complete food, like eggs, bananas,,;and this is so with healers for sickness like cancer, choices considered strong that cure but no one is wrong.

We need a variety of good foods giving us a well balanced source of nutrients for survival of the healthy body. We need a variety of good healing sources giving us a well rounded protocol for surviving the disease. No one food makes us totally healthy, no one healing treatment to make you totally well again.

Getting caught up in the fad of one food being a miracle food or one alternative treatment being the miracle cancer cure gets you a stuck in place where nutrients are lost and healing agents are lost. If health or cure is your ultimate goal be wise, be prudent allow your mind to see wide and far; observe all that is good and make choices that meet all your needs.

A person living with cancer needs a strong body to produce healing; he [she] also needs alternative treatments to resolve the cancer from cause to resolve through different means. Remedies and supplements fill in, filling voids within the true primary protocol; proven alternative treatments make the primary protocol. As complete as a good rounded organic diet rebuilds the sick body, a well rounded cancer protocol will resolve the cancer from cause to cure.

Jesicha’s Hope believes in Organic Living and we believe in the free choice of choosing a well rounded cancer protocol. We seek to find those alternative, non-toxic treatments with a high average of success in treating cancer. It is our view that using the best gets better results; the choice is always yours. Discover the cancer treatments we have found – learn how to make the perfect protocol for you.


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