A Miracle Is Needed For Jared


By Nadine Napolitano, director at Jesicha’s Hope

For Jared Ellis the sentence Child Family Services gave him for being a 16 year old with cancer is beyond comprehension.

For a healthy happy teenager behind the wheel of a car………..


To a teenager lost in a drug induced state, attached to tubes with oxygen pumped in because his lungs are too damaged to breathe on their own.


How did it come to this?

Meet Jared’s family clip_image006

In January 2014 Jared was diagnosed with testicular cancer in his kidneys. After one week of chemo treatment Jared wanted no more chemo and his Mom supported him. By July 2014 the cancer in his kidney had nearly tripled in size and spread to his retro-peritoneal and lungs.

According to his mother, Ruby Ellis, Doctors at St Luke’s Mountain States Tumor Institute [MSTI] in Boise Idaho, contacted Child Protective Services [CPS] because Jared refused to do chemotherapy. In July 2014, Judge Carolyn Minder sentenced Jared Ellis to undergo chemotherapy and any other treatments as decided by the doctors at St Luke’s.

Doctor N.Camilo administered chemo for seven months. Dr A Curnow did two separate surgeries in October of 2014, one 20 hour surgery on the 23rd and another 6 hour surgery on the 27th. After the surgeries Ruby stated: the surgeon, Dr Curnow declared he got all the cancer except the cancer in the lung.

However…. Two weeks after the surgeries a scan showed the aggressive cancer had spread again.

In Ruby’s words:

The doctors are butchering my son Jared.The surgeon did a 20 hour surgery on him last Thurs 10/23 to remove his kidney, several lymph nodes, and other body parts. They did a second 6 hour surgery on him 10/27. Dr. Curnow opened his vena cava and found a few centimeters of cancer, and he had to remove some of the artery wall. Jared’s appendix was inflamed, which he had also noticed on Thursday, and had not stopped with the antibiotics they’ve had him on, so he went ahead and took that out, too because it was going to be a problem. He said Jared’s abdomen is completely cancer free, except for his lung. Jared was wake and extubated right after surgery. When my daughter spoke to him, he was already sobering up and responsive.
I am 100% against the chemo and surgery. They plan on doing more aggressive chemo. They are killing my son and there is nothing I can do. May they all rot in hell.

Since Jared’s surgery he remains in the ICU, leaving the ICU, as his mother says, ‘only to get more chemotherapy’. In December of 2014 the damage to his lungs from the chemotherapy drugs was so great he labored to breathe. Dr Camilo gave Jared his last chemotherapy on January 2nd 2015, by then the chemotherapy had damaged his left lung where it no longer functions and his right lung is partially damaged. In order to keep him alive the doctors decided to intubate him letting a machine take over his breathing and he remains in a drug induced sleep in the St Luke’s Pediatric ICU. The oxygen level, Ruby tells me, was too much at one point and the oxygen leaked through his lungs, bubbling up under his skin in Jared’s neck. “They cannot give him more oxygen or his lungs will burst” says Ruby. The surgeon put in three tubes to drain fluid from around his lungs hoping to give Jared a chance to breathe better.

Oncologist, Dr Camilo told Jared’s mother he will not support the judge’s decision any longer to force chemotherapy on Jared. He is not responding to the chemotherapy and it is destroying his organs; having only one kidney now he is not even a candidate for some of the chemo treatments. The chemo with bone marrow transplant is so dangerous he would not survive it. Camilo said to the mother, he will not use the law to force the chemo/bone marrow transplant on Jared because it is too risky and comes with no guarantees.

As Jared’s mother summarizes what the oncologist told her; the chemo/bone marrow transplant is dangerous. They would give him a strong dose of chemo that Jared might not survive, he would have to be rushed in to get him his own bone marrow to save him and that is just too risky. Such treatments have a high death rate she says.

On January 16th 2015, while Jared lay in his bed unconscious, doctors, social workers and chaplains met with the family. Although given antifungal medication while in the ICU he had developed a fungal infection in his lungs. Surgery will be performed in three days to do a surgical tracheotomy, only time will tell how he does.

There is no more the doctors can do; finally showing they have a conscious, though perhaps too late, they tell Ruby they will no longer stand in her way to give Jared alternative, natural treatments. This was Jared’s wish before CPS took away his right of choice, and sentenced him to 18 months of grueling suffering that did not give him any benefit. Just before sedating him to do to intubate him, his Mom said he pounded his fist and said: “I Want To LIVE.”

A miracle is what Jared needs. Jesicha’s Hope stands by our motto: Believe In Life. The Idaho CPS has done a terrible injustice to this innocent child; the doctors long ago seeing no improvement could have at any time stopped the torturous treatments. The judge gave the doctors permission to make medical decisions for the child; the doctors at St Luke’s were not forced to torture the child unnecessarily; they were only given court appointed control over his medical decision. We believe Jared has been systematically tortured beyond what was deemed medically necessary for his condition and progression of disease. Today Jared needs prayers and support to help Jared and his family to have a chance. No matter how grim his status, there is always hope and Jared deserves this chance.

Founder of Jesicha’s Hope loved children, having also succumbed to chemotherapy damage to her organs; we at Jesicha’s Hope stand by every child with cancer. Each child deserves humane medical care and torturing a child to death with chemotherapy and radiation or extensive surgical procedures is beyond necessity; it is completely inhumane treatment of the innocent. Why are the masses not demanding justice for such cruelty? If it were an animal there would be protesting in the streets, why not for Jared and all the children like him? Please join us in supporting Jared.

Update:  January 27th – Ruby messaged me in the early evening to say they stopped the drugs that were keeping his blood pressure up artificially. At 7:40 she messaged they turned off the ventilator – 7:41 his heart rate is 28 — silence for three minutes and we prayed for Jared, I told her ” I will ask Jesicha, lover of children, to be there as he crosses over.” 7:44 – she messaged – Jared died at 7:43.  We cried.

Ruby Ellis will not let Jared’s death be in vain, for she know today the most horrible pain any mother suffers – having to see her child die.  For Jared it was unnecessary and Ruby knows it. She will spread the word about the truths of using chemotherapy so other children might live. For right now she needs time to heal, though I don’t really think we heal from a child’s death, rather we accept and fill the void with memories of our children easing the pain. She will live forever with Jared by her side with his beautiful angel wings surrounding her.

To financially support the Ellis family and help Jared get the alternative treatments he is now allowed to have visit http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/help-jared-s-cancer-with-nnn-nondrug-natural-nourishment/293167

Anyone may contact Jesicha’s Hope for more information on how to help Jared. We will forward all letters and messages to his family. www.jesichashope.org/contact.html




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  1. Kelly Houston

    I have a 16 yr old that’s battling Leukemia for a year now so this hits me so hard! Just breaks my heart!! My son says the same thing if it were an animal sooo many people would protest!! He says they care about animals more than they do kids! Really sad he feels this way! I wish Jarod would have made it! The AMA is so wrong to do this to him all in the name of GREED!!! Makes me furious!!!

  2. jesichashope

    Kelly – I have a son his age too. He feels exactly the same way. He just there shaking his head as Jared passed away. When his mom messaged me they just pulled the ventilator – I knew it was only minutes; then she said his heart rate dropped to 28 and my son said to me – he’s dying huh Mom? Yes I said. Elijah said to me – the doctors were wrong to do that when they knew it was killing him.
    There is a better way – and that is cause to cure. The problem with treating children is once they are caught in the web of conventional treatments it is difficult, not impossible to get them to do no harm treatments.

  3. Melody

    Hi, I was just curious about the timeline of this – it says right away he was diagnosed in January of 2014, and then that he was sentenced to 18 months of grueling treatment, but those don’t add up. Am I missing a date?

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