Breast cancer disappears–will make surgeons nervous


Disappearing Breast Cancer —– after two weeks of a special protocol this woman without any surgery, chemo or radiation is going into remission; today she is cancer free. This is not unusual and a well expected result of this protocol. No more mutilation or poisoning of the body.

Jesicha’s Hope can fully explain how this protocol works and how it can work with any type of cancer. The disappearing cancer does not have to be breast cancer, any type is eliminated. We will advocate for you and help you get the treatment quickly at the best price.

Or  skip us, go directly to the source: their patient site or if you want the scientific site.


What you need to know is there is no fear or need to cut your breasts off; there is a safe effective way to eliminate your breast cancer, all without side effects. If your breast cancer has metastasized your cancer still can be eliminated, a bit more healing needs to take place but it can be cured. If you have had surgery they will treat what is left and what has metastasized. It is their job to kill the cancer. Jesicha’s Hope helps with After Care, we are all about healing; our experience shows this treatment kills cancer quickly allowing you to get into the healing mode faster.


Look at the scans below taken over only a period of two weeks.



Update December 2017 – the patient is still cancer free, her tumor completely disappeared.
Update February 2019  – the patient doesn’t want to look back to cancer anymore. Her statement when asked how she was doing: “Cancer? What cancer? I don’t remember it anymore.” she laughed  and ended the conversation: : ” God blessed me with the cure and thank God for the guy that made it possible.”


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10 comments on “Breast cancer disappears–will make surgeons nervous

  1. Jeanie

    oh… only ” for the price of a new car” LOAN. Don’t have it. Most of us don’t. Again, the non toxic cures you offer are only for the wealthy.

    1. jesichashope

      Jeanie – we don’t let people die, if you have a cancer case – get hold of us – remember Jesicha’s Hope is free – we help you get treatments that we can help halt the cancer, We don’t offer treatments – we discuss different treatments that have a higher percentage of effectiveness – and those we work with are willing to help us help you. If you have read Jesicha’s story and the founding of Jesicha’s Hope then you would realize the mission is to help everyone. Her legacy speaks for itself.

  2. bryankcrossbryancross

    Hello,  I am very interested in this cure. I have liver cancer that came from my colon. It has been 5 years since I found it in the colon and lymphnodes. It never came back in the colon or lymphnodes, but it keeps coming back in the liver. My lver is swiss cheese with tumors now. Please send information.Thank you!Sincerely, Bryan Cross

    1. jesichashope

      Bryan – get hold of the organization and we can help you with your problem, it does not have to come back again and again. Like this woman, you can become immune to your cancer, that is total remission.

    2. JIM The BX Antitoxin is a plant extract based formula or serum the seeks out and robs the stealth bacterium found in cancer cells robbing them of their energy. The process begins tumors to die because of the apoptotic pathway and necrosis sets in . It initiates a reaction that spreads exponentially from cell to cell. No matter where the cancer is hiding and/or growing the BX finds it. This and more information is found on the BX page at jesichashope if you google it. Links here are discouraged. Hopefully this will get you the information you seek. There is, by the way, a very good fifteen minute video there by one of the scientists which will give you a good explanation.

  3. Ira Kaplan

    I need some info on other treatments for Pancreatic cancer. I had a Whipple surgery on 8/26/2014, Chemo, Radiation, Chemo and now Integrative Theraphies with IV C and Herbal supplements. So far my CT looks good and my CA 19 marker is very low. i need assistance finding non chemo theraphies. I have studied much, but there is so much out there and i am still recovering and making progress.

    1. jesichashope

      The Philippine Protocol can put you into full remission, pancreatic cancer is normally very difficult to treat with conventional with a very poor prognosis. Please get a hold of me at and I will get you complete details, send along any scan reports or blood reports that will be very helpful in determining the extent of the advancement. There are alway telltale signs within these scans;.

    2. Jonathan Chamberlain

      Ira – there are books you should read such as Cancer Survivor’s Bible – see my Fighting Cancer website for more info and for two free downloads which should be helpful. But the key thing I would do ) immediately) if I were in your situation is to start taking pancreatic enzymes

      1. jesichashope

        The pancreatic enzymes we are seeing do not work as well as using the ellagitannin complex in the red raspberry seeds these are far more effective. Pancreatic cancer can become aggressive quickly and is one type of cancer that there is not a lot of time to experiment with remedies and just diets.

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