Fear Kills cancer patients

Fear one of the most powerful emotions, energy of our being. It comes over us without us noticing it; if we try to avoid it, say we will not be fearful, it seems futile as it seeps in, taking over. Why do we allow fear to take over, or do we allow it, does it just appear or can we find a way out of it?

Certain events, moments in our life bring on uncontrollable fear, it grabs hold of us, does not let go; and we often become dependent upon it, find it comforts us in a strange unsettling way. The diagnosis of cancer; suddenly brings up our fear level, brings it to the top, grabs hold of any sensible thinking, taking over of how we think. We do not even want to think, we just let our minds race about, sending memories forward, thinking these memories are all we have left, there will be no more memories made, our lives are over, cancer has taken over.

We can also allow fear to take over our rational thinking, it tries telling us fear is a safety mechanism and if we believe this, we allow fear to control our lives. When we fear an outcome, we allow fear to comfort us, prevent us from thinking reasonably.

I recently observed the power of fear, so powerful the fear control over the rational thinking system quite literally has put a life in grave danger. The fear of what a diagnosis could be completely took control, making if sound logical to wait, that time was on his side when in fact, time was the enemy, just like the fear was; but fear made the waiting decision seem a good idea.

I have also observed more frequently how doctors and other health professionals use fear tactics to convince patients they need to do chemotherapy or radiation, possibly surgery. Such fear is used to make a person make a decision they might not otherwise do. One women said they calmly told her they would explore what was there, and not to worry; she woke up from surgery to find they had removed a great portion of her organs. She said the fear of dying from cancer was instilled in her mind if she did not tell them – okay. We have heard stories of breasts removed, organs removed, parts of limbs removed; all in the name of fear to die if they did not do so. Patients are intimidated and called until they give in, says one woman:” they [the doctor’s office] called me endlessly trying to get me to do chemo, telling me if I did not do this I would die.”

What about when a patient decides against chemo and radiation; turning to other means to cure themselves, the calls of fear increase. Doctors take it upon themselves to call patients with in intro of caring and compassion when in fact they are drumming up chemo and radiation business. Why do we assume this? When a patient insists after many scare tactic calls, they will not do the chemo or radiation; the doctors are known to become rude and nasty. Screaming at patients often is a doctor’s last hope to change the minds of patients. “ If you don’t do the chemo – YOU WILL DIE! DO YOU HEAR ME – YOU ARE GOING TO DIE WITHOUT THE CHEMO” Is that caring and compassion or a sign that the sale was not made, no chemo sold today.

Fear kills, I said I observed the fear of cancer, due to society putting it in the minds of all, completely overtake this gentleman. He only hid from it, not wanting to accept cancer existence then overcoming the cancer, something a logical person should be able to do. My friend was highly educated holding a doctorate yet when faced with cancer he shrunk into a deep dark place completely frozen in fear. The death of our Jesicha was indeed a catalyst however he rationally could not face it, hope stared at him but the doctors and nurses let cancer loom over him. If he went into a wait and see mode, he put off the fear of cancer; this proved how fear can kill.

When cancer cases become unresponsive to conventional treatments doctors turn to a different fear tactic – YOU have become unresponsive to our treatments, and we [the medical establishment] fear there is nothing more and YOU will die. The death sentence. People immediately go into a death march; they believe the words, the doctor fears for me and there nothing more. This fear kills the patient, even if there is hope elsewhere many are in the – I am doomed – mode.

For some, they find the strength and find a treatment. Many find themselves in remission. This is a time for celebration; however there are those that seek approval or perhaps they seek revenge on the doctors that gave them the ‘Death Sentence’. For a few this proves fatal. We have witnessed cases where all scans and tests indicate NO Cancer; however doctors don’t like being told they were wrong or incapable of curing. In the cases we have experienced, doctors have told the patient they were stupid, naïve, or in denial of their terminal condition. In spite of the test results they were screamed at until they nearly collapsed in fear of looming death. Family members witnessing this are in shock. Yet in spite of all the negative test results showing no cancer these people succumb within days or week, all due to total fear. Fear kills.

This is a time when HOPE is the greatest tool, a weapon against fear; when you have hope there is peace in your thinking, you allow your universal intuition take over, suppress fear; pushes fear away, allowing an open clear mind. Fear allowed to take over your rational thinking, keeping you from facing a diagnosis, where you can use HOPE to discover practical solutions, is putting yourself on a road to disaster. Fear allowed to overcome the truth of having beat your cancer, where HOPE could flow in to wash away the fear mongering words of looming death, where there is none; this puts you on the road to your grave. Fear can be overcome but you have to push it away, block off fear from your conscience mind, let HOPE come in from your unconscious; fill yourself up with that strength to push out fear.

We cannot allow fear to control us, when it prevents us from making rational decisions, fear is allowed to kill us, setting us up for a premature death; HOP E is there, we must keep fear out of our life equation. After observing fear taking a life when HOPE could have made such a decision, we must work hard to prevent fear from taking such control. If you see fear readying itself to take a life; throw HOPE in the face of such fear.

I say, do not fear the diagnosis, there is always hope; do not avoid hearing the diagnosis by avoiding tests; use HOPE to face fear head on; it is our only weapon against fear.  When a doctor stares you down and starts to use scare tactics to coerce you into chemo or radiation, or surgery you don’t want; use HOPE to face it down, it is a stronger weapon because it comes from something stronger. If you overcome cancer don’t listen to those that could not cure you to tell you they know you still have it; such fear tactics are to weaken you to strengthen their ego; face it down with HOPE, let it weaken their ego, or face your urge to confront and use HOPE to move on in life. When we allow fear in our lives we jeopardize our safety; fear kills when we allow it control over hope.  Do Not fear, go gently into your future with HOPE as your sword.

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  1. kulbhushan

    well fear itself is form of disease like cancer…i am from the part of world where. patient has no say in his/her treatment i had CA naso pharynx T2N1 underwent concurrent chemos and 35 radiiations sessions after that my oncologist insisted for 2 more chemos under some protocol which i was not aware of my ist chemo medicine reacted and had suffered another month then i firmly resisted for the second and after 8 weeks had a P ET scan which showed complete remission of the nasopharyngeal problem but a lesion was there on third rib anteriorly my oncologist said look its fifty fifty then i resisted that if its fifty percent chance of nonmalignant why you force me for ribressection i will not go for it
    and after another 12 weeks had another scan which showed no lesion aTt all then he said continue
    with geftanib but that too i resisted .. now i am looking for alternative support doing medictation no fear of its return….

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