Your Breasts are Not Beasts

If you are given the diagnosis of cancer the first advice you are given is surgery, mastectomy or lumpectomy . They start talking about your breasts like they were beasts not breasts. They are not what is wrong, they are not turning on you and they are not evil; your breasts are part of you, that is good.

By surgically trying to remove the cancer they open they invite the cancer to spread. Biopsies help spread cancer too, the doctors call it seeding; meaning by doing a biopsy the cancer is being ‘seeded’ elsewhere in the body. While it is difficult to statistically show the difference in people that have biopsies and go on to have metastases and those that do nothing and still have metastases; primarily because the majority of all cases use biopsies due to pressure of the medical professionals.

If there is a treatment that can kill the tumor cells and other cells that may have begun to spread why a mastectomy or lumpectomy be needed? The answer is simply it is not needed. When surgery is done, most surgeons will remove lymph nodes as well; these lymph nodes are not disposable and removing any portion of our lymph system is not beneficial.  Often chemotherapy and/or radiation is added to the treatment further harming the lymph nodes and remaining breast tissue, along with the risk of further extensive damage to surrounding organs.

Lymph nodes are necessary to a healthy functioning body. Lymph nodes serve two major functions; they filter lymph and assist the immune system in building an immune response. Lymph is a clear fluid that comes from blood plasma that exits blood vessels at capillary beds. Lymph nodes house lymphocytes [ B-cells and T-cells] which are immune system cells that originate from bone marrow stem cells. B-cell lymphocytes become activated due to the presence of a particular antigen, they create antibodies that are specific to that specific antigen it is then labeled for destruction by the immune system. Lymph nodes filter lymph of harmful pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. The nodes also filter out cellular waste, dead cells, and cancerous cells.

The filtered lymph from all areas of the body eventually returns to the blood through a blood vessel near the heart; returning this fluid to the blood prevents edema or the excess accumulation of fluid around tissues. In cases of infection, lymph nodes release lymphocytes into the blood stream to aid in the destruction of pathogens. When lymph nodes are removed there is an increased risk of lymph-edema that is recognized by fluid buildup in limbs, commonly found in breast cancer victims. This is a good reason if you want to live with fully functioning lymph system to keep it intact.

Using a treatment exclusively developed by a renown researcher/scientist breast cancer can be eliminated successfully without cutting, reconstructing, burning or poisoning. Lymph nodes are kept intact so the lymph system can continue to keep the body healthy, in fact, the lymph system is necessary for detoxing as the body heals.  The treatment is multi-faceted using nano serums to stop cancer in its tracks allowing them to address the causes and create an immune response using their 4th Generation PDT [decades ahead of other types of PDT].  The results speak for themselves as 80 percent of patients survive.


[Left photo before treatment cancerous mass, Right photo after five days of treatment. Now only exterior blood supply is seen, meaning the interior of the tumor is dead and no longer asking for blood supply]

Moving forward into the treatment with this patient we see:



[ after two weeks of treatment the tumor is no longer defined and necrosis tissue remains]

Your breasts are not beasts and complete elimination of breast cancer can leave women with breasts intact and cancer a thing of the past. Before doing surgery think about saving them; if you have already had surgery, cancer cells always remain to become a metastatic tumor within the chest wall area or a remote area. But elimination of your cancer is always available, hope for a cancer free future is real.

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3 comments on “Your Breasts are Not Beasts

  1. Jeff Bell

    The reason to avoid biopsies in almost all cases is this: When the body detects that there is an over-population of cancer cells somewhere in the body, as in the very beginning of a tumor, it forms a membrane around the new tumor to keep it from spreading. Poking needles through it destroys the integrity of that membrane, defeating the body’s attempt to contain the cancer. There are much safer, non-invasive ways to confirm cancers.

    1. jesichashope

      If only people would understand this, however the doctors starch up their white coats and look real serious as they sit on the edge of their desk telling you – ma’am we need to see what’s going on, nothing to worry about.
      And then the biopsy is done and the cells escape – they are free to roam and settle in to make mets. Nothing to worry about —- chemo is just around the corner.

  2. No Sphericles (@nosphericles)

    I think this is why the treatment for testicle cancer is almost always the removal of the testicle. Sometimes even before a biopsy is done. I ended up losing both testicles – despite one having a benign tumor (only discovered after the surgery.) Maybe the protocols are wrong in this respect?

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