Strike down Leukemia in one shot like this champ did

leukemia boy

Leukemia strikes the very young and adults as well.  Chemotherapy treatments have shown to put many leukemia patients into remission only to find later new cancers appear or it will recur.  The chemotherapy treatments are poisonous, and poisons are not good for our wellbeing, no one benefits long term from the use of poisons.

So why do we continue to treat leukemia with poisons? And accept this as a standard, logical treatment? Maybe it is that mainstream just does not know or worse yet maybe they are too complacent in their methods of treating Leukemia or any other cancer for that matter and they just don’t want to change.

The young boy pictured was having chemotherapy that was not working for his advanced leukemia; he was receiving six transfusions a week to keep him alive. No child should suffer like this. After receiving 4 th Generation PDT treatment from the Philippines he went into remission; no more transfusions and his life was normal.  He even made the basketball team and was a champ on the team. All this was possible with 4th Generation PDT. Today not only do they have the powerful 4th Generation PDT that cured this boy but their breakthrough nano serum and xgly serum is added to the protocol making it one of the most powerful treatments found that is curing not just leukemia but all cancers. In 9 months since the onset of adding the these serums to the protocol, 80 percent of all patients are cancer free following the protocol. Chemo and radiation side effects are the biggest reason for those that do not survive or infections.

No one should have to live with Leukemia or any cancer when there is a cure waiting.  Jesicha’s Hope is proud to be able to support patients going there;  they allow us to arrange and book patients, giving them more time to treat.  Don’t wait until it’s too late, leave your cancer behind you and start living again.  Contact Jesicha’s Hope: or   7 days a week we are there for you. The treatment Philippine Protocol Cancer Treatment is the only treatment in the world using 4th Generation PDT able to cure and give immunity to cancer, the layman site is  where you will learn and be directed to pertinent information to the main site.  Please visit our facebook page –  or visit our group for open discussions:




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