I Dare you to ask me

cloud questionEver wish you could ask an expert in cancer a question and get a straight scientific answer?  Having the the opportunity to  pick a brain of an expert would be sensational but too often it is just a dream; until today.

A cancer expert in research and science, unaffiliated with any corporation, has been spending a great deal of time filtering through mail asking him for his advice and answers.  We have decided it would be a wonderful idea to make his time work for everyone; so many have the same questions but answering one on one takes up valuable time for him. While he loves people and studies cancer; because of the love of humanity, the hate of cancer and the eagerness to meet a challenge; his love of that research is priority. We need to keep him in his research and not answering countless letters.

Our challenge was to accomplish and meet two priorities: answer the questions and have time for research.  We have met the challenge!

He has agreed that if we present him with a list of questions asked by patients, caregivers and others, regarding cancer he will answer them in a video.  It will be uploaded to Youtube so everyone at their convenience can view it. We are sure many have multiple questions, this video will answer many of those questions you may have thought of, or perhaps did not or, wished you had.

Understanding cancer, wondering why one thing works and other does not, pondering why so many treatments don’t work, or why recurrences happen, why does one study show this and another completely the opposite, do we ever wonder why remedies appear to work for a few but not for others, what about antioxidants or what about all this talk of raising pH in the body; so many like these and more are all on the minds of the masses.  It is now time decide what you will ask.

Your confidentiality is important, we will not disclose to anyone your name, only your question will be used in the video, if you agree to have your first name used he may direct the answer to you, otherwise, your name in any form will not be used.  He may do follow up videos depending on how many questions are received and the time it takes to fully and scientifically answer the questions. This will be a teachable, educational video.

So…..  the question we ask you is…….. “If you could ask a cancer expert one question about cancer – what would it be?”

If you have a question to submit , contact info@jesichashope.org  or www.jesichashope.org  and click  on audios to see if your question has been answered.

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    1. jesichashope

      The vaccine is called DPT – diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus.
      PDT stands for Photo Dynamic Therapy and in this case 4th generation, the most powerful lights known yet with a sensitizer that equals it. The x-gly – is used to systematically kill off cancer cells through a scientific compound serum. Contact us if you are interested.

  1. Evelyn

    My husband had radiation 6 years ago, He has ependymoma brain tumor in the center of his brain radiation put him in remission. Now it is growing again and of course the doctors want him to have chemo, but say it may not reach the brain and will most likely cause him more health problems or could kill him, but it is his only option. Then this doctors says no home remedies or other treatment will work, when I ask about other options and treatments, He said nothing out there would work that none of it is tested. That everything I have seen or heard need to go out the window, that most of all the things I have seen of the internet was false hope and people wanting to sale a false stories I don’t believe that! I need a lots of help, We can not afford to go to a foreign country, We need someone that could treat him here local or close by, we don’t have much time to find something quick! I have read about baking soda…, Ozone 3,… doctor Benardo’s… dr Coldwell… and Budwig there are so many out there we need help to find someone please! My husband is may life, bestfriend and my heart.. The doctors said if he waits to long for the chemo treatments that my husband will not be able to walk, talk, or see and hospice will have to come in and then lose of life.

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