You Have a 77% Chance of Being Killed Crossing the Road – What Will You Do?


If you were given a 23 % chance of surviving crossing the highway – would you cross it or find another way of getting there? This percentage is what is given or perhaps not ever told to every woman facing metastatic breast cancer. Faced with this percentage of surviving 5 years is not something any woman wants to face but every day this is their reality. Can alternative treatments give a better percentage rate and is the risk of using an alternative treatment worth it? It is the choice of each person to decide whether the risk will outweigh the inevitable outcome.

According to the American Cancer Society 2012 statistics:

Observing all races [note some races have lower survival rates than others when statistical data is separated], the 5-year survival rates for metastatic cancers by type are:

Breast: 23%

Colon & Rectal: 12%

Lung & Bronchus: 4%

Prostate: 29%

Testis: 72%

Melanoma 15%

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma 59%

Thyroid: 55%

Urinary Bladder 5%

Uterine 16%

Of these statistics, the course of treatment is conventional surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation with hormone therapies in such cases that are likely to use such treatments.

Since there are no solid studies done on the use of treatments other than the conventional for cancer it is only speculative what the survival rates are for those using such other treatments. Also, we need to understand that outside the conventional box there are those that use only nutritional supplements and/or a specific diet; others use a variety of remedies, others use a variety of compounds claimed to be anti-cancer and others use specifically designed anti-cancer treatments such as hyperthermia, magnetic therapies, etc. To do proper statistical studies, groups using specific treatments would need evaluating and following. Suffice to say, those using other treatments in many of the cancers with lower percentage rates of survival may well feel the risk of using other treatments for the hoped benefit of better quality and quantity of life might be wise.

Jesicha’s Hope seeks and finds alternative options to conventional treatments worthy of consideration when making treatment decisions. It is always the choice of the patient that comes first and is fully supported. We list as options that have a higher than average percentage rate of giving a positive improvement or at best a full remission. Please visit our site: for more information on the types of treatments we have found around the globe. For help and information contact us: visit our facebook page: or join our discussion group on facebook: {Cancer Treatment & Survivorship Facts & Figures 2012-2013.pdf}


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