Inoperable Brain Tumor Disappears

Inoperable Brain Tumor Disappears


A young child given little hope of having a childhood or living until the end of the year.  A mother’s love and determination proved powerful than what any doctor’s treatment was able to give.

Chemotherapy and radiation proved to create more damage leaving the little girl more debilitated; her quality of life was diminishing. The prognosis was grim. She was losing her ability to communicate or be mobile.  Life for her was not pleasant and she faced unwanted prodding by doctor’s that continually tested and put her through procedures that made little difference, in fact, they tended to make her worse at each visit.

The mother gained knowledge through her countless hours seeking answers in articles and information she sought on the internet and in libraries.  It paid off when she contacted Jesicha’s Hope.  The story was emotional and we decided intervention was needed quickly if the child was to be saved.

Over a period of weeks we helped stabilize her while preparations were made for the child and the mother to travel where complete treatment and non invasive testing could be accomplished. She began to build strength and her symptoms eased, so much so the doctors asked her what she was doing to make such improvements. Her answer was , nothing but prayers ; the right answer for  the security of getting the child to travel without interference.

After receiving her first line of treatments a scan was done before leaving for the full treatment; this scan proved there was major improvements yet the doctors said nothing, only giving the mother a report that while they saw some tumor changes their prognosis remained – she would die.   The fact is the tumor had dramatically changed – it was no longer active and it was not distinguishable any longer; yet conventional doctors having no experience with such tumor shrinkage can only stand by their original prognosis, now completely wrong.

Upon receiving the full treatment a third scan was done; this scan showed a normal brain without cancer or any abnormality.  Her cognitive improvements demonstrate her ability to begin to allow the brain to function as it should.  She is able to speak better each day and her mobility is progressing whereas she is walking without assistance and has been known to miss the camera lens as she runs by. This is something her mother only dreamed of and today it is a reality.

From inoperable brain cancer to cancer free, this little girl proves you can treat successfully brain cancer without drugs or side effects. Moreover, she has an immunity against her cancer, it will never revisit her.Naomi scans






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  1. bob

    To Whom This May Concern

    I am taking this time to ask for advice and let me know if there are any clinical trials out there my wife can try at this time. She is 53 years old and was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2013. (glioblastoma) For that type of tumor, most life expectancy is 3-6 months but she is still here today and has been on hospice for the last 11 months. Her appetite also returned back 6 months ago and she is still eating and drinking each day with help from myself or a caregiver today. Although her primary care Dr has not bothered with her since she went on hospice, I as the husband can not just sit and watch anymore. If there is a clinical trial that she would qualify for, I would be willing to have her try it because she is either a veg. just laying in bed on hospice or I at least try something and let her see what happens. Her vitals have been steady for the past 4 months and not even declining as they thought they would in the beginning. Her hospice Dr suggested that they can administer her meds that would slow the heart down and she would feel no pain but I said no because she has no pain now and has not even been on any meds for the past 9 months. They did deliver oxyegen to us but even that was never used and her o2 level has been 98- 99 bp 117/78 avg her heart rate still also seems to still be strong but does take shorter breaths now when sleeping.
    If you can get back to me asap to let me know if she could qualify for a clinical test, I would appreceiate that as well as any advice how I can set it up or where else I can look for any tests for a patient with brain cancer.
    Thank you for your time and hope to hear back from you as well!!
    Bob McCann
    8 Brookwood Drive
    Freehold NJ 07728
    732-462-8483 house
    908-692-5386 cell

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