Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Waiting Game

  Cancer loves for you to play the waiting game.  Your body begs you not to play such a game with cancer. I got a message today.  A lovely lady we had grown to like had passed away. Most people that work with cancer every day get hardened to...


Please Don’t Kill Me with Your Judgments

    WANTED: All self righteous, self–appointed judgmental members of the ‘I do not know I have no wisdom’ club You will know who you are if you believe what others tell, you believe science comes from a pharmaceutical company, the FDA is God’s gift to mankind, that doctors...


My Doctor Says….

My doctor says…..   I have a small problem trying to get a grip on the most common statement a doctor says: “I want to give you this prescription for the damage that the chemo will do to you”   Okay wait a minute — can we back up....