My Doctor Says….

My doctor says…..


I have a small problem trying to get a grip on the most common statement a doctor says: “I want to give you this prescription for the damage that the chemo will do to you”


Okay wait a minute — can we back up.


YOU: Hey doc, the chemo? Let us get this straight, you told me it was safe, right?

DOCTOR: Well, you want to reduce that tumor don’t you?

YOU:  Of course but I don’t want to die doing it.

DOCTOR:  I can guarantee you will die if you don’t use it. You HAVE to do the chemo.

YOU: Really, I am a bit concerned here, the literature online regarding chemo says I can have nausea, hair loss, neuropathy pain, heart problems, kidney failure, liver failure…. Should I go on Doc?

DOCTOR:  You shouldn’t read that stuff online, if I thought it would hurt you do you think I would tell you to use it?

YOU:  Wait a second, you just told me you were going to give me this prescription to help with the damage the chemo was going to do to me. You don’t call that harming me?

DOCTOR:  Listen do you want to die?

YOU: No that is why I am asking you how you can prescribe a drug that you know full well will damage me and then tell me its okay. There is something wrong with this whole thing.

DOCTOR:  The nurse will schedule you for the chemo infusion tomorrow. I think we are done here. And get this prescription filled, did the nurse give you the prescription for the nausea, if not I will. And talk to the nurse in the reception area she will give you a name of a few places for some pretty wigs. I will see you in two weeks.

You walk out.

This occurs every day of the week in doctor offices across our countries.  Why do we not insist on answers? What are we afraid of?

It cannot be that we are afraid they won’t give us the drugs, trust me they will always be willing.

It cannot be that we are afraid our doctors will not like us, trust me they forget your name when you leave.

It cannot be that we are afraid our doctors will no longer see us, trust me even if they won’t see you again, doesn’t mean there are not a dozen more waiting to take your money and hand you drugs.

It cannot be that we are afraid the doctors will turn us in to some chemo police squad, trust me they haven’t thought of that yet. Except for kids – that’s a different story.

So, what is the fear that keeps us from looking straight at a doctor and say – Doc, there is no way I am going to take your poison and think that poison is not going to harm me. And I know that poison will never ever cure anything but it will forever harm me somehow. The cancer is not going to go away with the use of poisons; you know that, I know that.  Doc, the last patient that walked out of here thinking you were God and you were going to save them, well,  I am no sucker. Oh and Doc, there will be more and more of us coming to you; the truth is revealed. Help cure us or stop calling yourself a man of healing, there is nothing healing about you.

Ah… didn’t that feel good? And no doubt if you said that you would be told where they door is really fast. And that will be the best thing that could happen to you.

A cure is waiting; I have seen it over and over.  Just know chemo is a poison and there is nothing healing about poisons. Poisons will harm you and more drugs to treat that damage will create more side effects to deal with and the cycle will spin faster and faster until one day the whole world will stop for you. It will be – the end.


This venting was done by the director of Jesicha’s Hope.  Who has no respect for those that lie to patients and cause them such harm that they succumb to their ‘damaging treatments’. There is nothing good, respectable or honorable about a human being that would take money [lots of it] and poison another innocent, desperate human being while telling them they are helping curing them [ right that word has been eliminated in their conversations].

If you want straight answers and you want to find some true hope please visit our site:    Please read about our founder – she believed their lies until she saw the truth but their lies killed her.  No more suckers! Join us in our group.  and like our page:



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