Please Don’t Kill Me with Your Judgments



Don’t walk away you need to listen to me.


WANTED: All self righteous, self–appointed judgmental members of the ‘I do not know I have no wisdom’ club

You will know who you are if you believe what others tell, you believe science comes from a pharmaceutical company, the FDA is God’s gift to mankind, that doctors are higher than God and of course God has to be taught how to treat disease because the doctors said so.

If you fit this description you need to listen to me.

You are wrong! All wrong.

When you push your ignorance onto others you are directing them in the wrong direction. When others tell you they want to heal through non-invasive, safe, effective treatments; you tell them you won’t help them unless they do it your way because you are a self appointed holder of [false] wisdom. You are killing them!

Maybe you won’t feel any regrets but if you listen to me you will feel regrets because you will know what you profess as right are wrong.  Please don’t have regrets. If you truly believe your right, also know your friends, your loved ones feel they are right too. Supporting another person’s right to chose for themselves is what a good righteous person does.  Be righteous.

There is no scientific evidence that shows chemo and radiation cures a significant amount of people, the statistics have at about 3 to 5 percent are put into remission, all others will eventually die from the treatment or the cancer and the treatment usually wins out.  The evidence that alternative treatments most known will have better odds, in fact, doing nothing has better odds since you won’t die of chemo or radiation damage and it takes a little longer to have the cancer kill you.  I am not going to bore you with this resource or that resource; try doing some research and put some effort into learning what most of us that understand the truth have discovered doing hard research.

It is without a doubt easy to come to the conclusion, chemo and radiation along with drastic surgical procedures is not the best route to take when faced with cancer.  The diagnosis of cancer sends chills and fear up your spine; the question is why? What makes you fear cancer? The conventional cancer industry has manufactured the fear package to get you to buy into the whole poison, burn and cut propaganda.  If they told you they could cure you with a simple medication, some detective work in discovering the cause and put you into an immune response so you were totally cured; would you be fearful or relieved? I bet relieved.  And that is simply what can be done and is done every day. But every day thousands, millions of people are walking in fear of cancer.  It does not have to be that way.


When some asks you for help, when a family member tells you they want to kill their cancer without the non-help of the conventional cancer industry; support them, even if you still don’t believe. [Apparently you have not researched enough yet] They need your support. And if you get cancer they will support your choice to treat until you die.  Right now we want to bring you out into the open so we can try to figure what obstacle is preventing you from giving continued life and health to those that need your support.  Tell us so we can help you.  Tell us so we can help prevent you from saying No to a loved one when they ask for your help.

Do you know what is going on in their minds?  Do you realize the fear you are causing them? They know without true noninvasive treatment, [many are those that seek the treatment of the Philippine Protocol], they will die.  They have most likely tried your conventional cancer industry treatments and have seen their cancer grow exponentially. They know if you keep doing what does not work, it will not change, it will continue to not work and will cause death. They are begging you because they HAVE done research and they do know there is an answer.

Right now you are what stand in between their health and their death. Are you comfortable with that? They are not.  I am not.

This ranting is brought to you by the director of Jesicha’s Hope, who has seen enough regrets, enough deaths caused by ignorance and enough tears to fill an ocean.  If you want to know more visit us at  or join us in our group and visit our facebook page: If you are in need of help for your cancer or that of loved one get help right away.…



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  1. Lin

    I’m so sorry for your loss Nadine. Thank you for all you give to me and others.

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