The Waiting Game

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Cancer loves for you to play the waiting game.  Your body begs you not to play such a game with cancer.

I got a message today.  A lovely lady we had grown to like had passed away.

Most people that work with cancer every day get hardened to the enormous amount of suffering, pain, and death that is common with cancer.  For me, I did not choose this path, it chose me.  Jesicha wanted to give to others what she could not find, true caring and compassion, not that false calculated compassion you find in cancer facilities, conventional and alternative.  So it was she began Jesicha’s Hope – true to those words, she wanted to give her hope to others, and upon her loss of life on earth she left earth’s work for me while she promoted herself to chief angel officer.   This path brings me to open my heart to every person that calls and messages me; on the other end of that line, there is a real person with real fears and real hopes for life. I don’t have to be there for them, I want to be there for them; there is a big difference in having to and wanting to.

The message read: we lost her – thanks for all the help.  My heart sank. We had dreamed of her getting treatment and beating this cancer that ravaged her body.

Did I work hard enough to get it across to her that waiting was not a good idea? I hope I had.  What made her decide to wait just a little longer?  I wish I knew so I could tell the next person not to hesitate to go for it while surviving was on your side.

I want to say to all those that are contemplating about getting treatment especially those in touch with us at Jesicha’s Hope;  your body knows it is under attack, it knows the odds are not on the side of surviving so long as cancer has the upper hand.  If you have used poisons and radiation or had body parts cut out that compromise your body’s functionality; your odds are lowered; in fact, you have two fronts of evil facing you to challenge your time on earth.   Don’t give either a chance. Your body is begging you, don’t give either more time.

For this lovely lady, she thought she needed time to think and ponder if going to the Philippines was right for her, or would do her own supplemental regiment be enough for awhile. But she knew it was not working, nothing had worked, and waiting only gave cancer more of an edge. And cancer won.

When cancer hears you are contemplating killing it off the game gets into higher stakes; it gives you the doubt card to play.

Cancer:  Do you know if this treatment will work? Better wait and think about it.

Body: If I wait I will die, if I try it I have a chance to live if it does not work what have I lost?

Cancer:  Maybe some more poisons will work for you, try a little more.

Body: I don’t know, the doctor says nothing has worked so far.  He wants to give me more chemo….

Cancer: Yeah that’s what you need to do, get more chemo [silently cancer is jumping for joy more poisons mean more food to grow on]

Body:  No chemo is out of the question, the side effects are horrible and the cancer is growing faster. I need to do something but what?  This treatment says it will kill it but should I wait and think or go?

Cancer: wait, sit back and wait. I have just a little more to grow and you won’t be breathing on your own, they will give you some morphine and I will be in my glory …. Wait just a little while longer…

Body:  I hope my mind hears me …..HELP – PLEASE DON’T WAIT – SAVE ME

But often the mind is so confused by the bantering of the body and cancer that the doubt card is well played out and the body loses.

How can I help convince anyone, I tried to convince her that life was not going to win out if she did not jump through that window of opportunity while it was still open? But she did not heed to what I said, she waited. She waited too long.

Cancer wants to play the game of wait. The body knows it’s a game most don’t win. We found a treatment in a little island in the South Pacific – where happy people live and cancer dies. It is where those that don’t wait come and cancer loses the game.

Cancer:  Does anyone want to play the waiting game……??

Me —– Shut up – cancer.  If any of you that have cancer can hear me…. Don’t listen to Cancer it hates you, it wants to win – don’t play the game.

There is a flight leaving for the South Pacific who’s going to be on the flight? One thing for sure is – cancer may go with you but it’s a one-way ticket for it – no return flight for you Cancer.

I know this won’t be the last message of loss and I know I will never be hardened. I do hope more will hear my message and more will say No to the waiting game.  This story is not rare, it is way too common, and people continue to play the waiting game. We have seen cases of very early progression that could have been cured and restored health found in a short time where they will wait ‘until it gets worse’ then go but when the serious symptoms it is too late. Cancer sneaks up on you it stealthfully progresses and wins the game. Don’t think you can cheat cancer out of winning, its a dangerous game to play.

Don’t want to play the waiting game – message us – say –  No waiting – I win – we will reward you.


This message is brought to you by the director of Jesicha’s Hope. If you don’t want to play the waiting game contact us –  or  visit our page at or visit our group:   We will help you arrange a round trip ticket for you and a one-way ticket for your cancer.



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  1. Linda Aguilar

    Andreas Moritz
    July 23, 2015 ·

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    Please contact me to help me navigate. Scan 6/15/16 6-12 months

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