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Men in white coats, they come with an air of authority. With scans in hand to tell you of your fate —-CANCER.

With a manner of compassion, they lean forward and in a slow soft voice give your orders. You dare not challenge them. Their wisdom they tell you is supreme, no other plan of action be better.

Nurses follow their orders from white coats and pretend to be your friend. They tell you to be a friend to cancer. They lure you to the knife and poisons. Giving you hope when the truth is — their ways are false.

You succumb to the fake world of white coats as they drug you into submission. Drunken from over indulgence of false compassion, they hook you to tubes filled with poison they call “the good stuff” and let it pour into your veins.

Oh what wrong they do to humans, what ungodly acts the do. And I was one to hold my arm out and let them have their way with me. The knife came twice and then for good measure they burnt my cells. To this they broke my heart.

And this is why I died.

I tried to flee their grip. Throwing off the tangled tubes and pushing away the burning machine. To fields of vegetables and herbs and orchards of fruit and berries, I sought the healing powers they give. Balancing my body and treating the cancers as my enemy not friend.

Doctors that shared my hate for my enemy [cancer] delivered soothing therapies that did not hurt or burn. They held no knife, used no poisons. Alternative Medicine what a novelty.

No one told me about alternative medicine. The white coats call it quackery. The white coats lie and tell you your fate is sealed if you do not use their poisons. They keep you tied to those tubes and burn you until nothing on earth can save you, not even alternative medicine. That’s how they broke my heart.

Nothing could save me but they cannot stop my message. White coats love the money; they know no guilt. Using knives and poisons and the burning machine they do not cure, they pretend to treat until the kill.

Escape their treatments; go to what heals. It is where I should have gone before they broke my heart.

And that is how I died.

[words from Jesicha residing on the other side]

These words have been given to my pen, she often comes through with wisdom of clear truth. They know no hate they give only pure truth. Jesicha is the founder of Jesicha’s Hope and it is her mission then and now to give to others wisdom to understand the errors of earthly medicine in order to save lives. She wants others not to suffer, to enjoy the good earth and love- always to love.

Do you want to escape the white coats?

If you want to learn more, or if you need help because you or a loved one has cancer please visit – or contact us: you can visit our facebook page: or our group – Find about who we are and what we can do for you. Always open – always there for you.



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