A Gift in Honor of Our Angel

We have been given a gift to celebrate and honor our founder of Jesicha’s Hope. August marks the month she left this world with much truth; however, hard it is to bear. This truth has saved many lives since her passing 5 years ago.

In the past 5 years Jesicha’s Hope has helped without charge 100’s of people who were struggling, fighting and desperate because of cancer. Often we support families of loved ones lost from over treating with chemo and radiation. There are times we have parents come to us with children suffering from cancer; we see some survive but all too often children are the hardest hit due to laws and regulations that allow doctors to care for children as they wish not as the parents wish, these children come to us when the doctors write them off and their bodies too weak to recover. These are the sad truths we bear witness to.

We want to make a difference and we hope that we can continue to help others as we have for the past 5 years. Each year we make a bigger commitment to people, each step we take brings us closer and closer to fully understanding what we can do to stop cancer but more importantly to be sure people survive the kill off. Our latest discoveries have bought us to an amazing challenge; but challenges are to be overcome and we successfully seeing a great progress in bringing people through the cancer recovery period to a healthy outcome. With an angel by our side anything is possible.

Treating cancer successfully takes special compounds, equipment, and protocols; this took years of research and millions of dollars to come to a point where a success treatment could be realized. This means it cannot be free. Of course we have come to wonder how it is that it’s okay for conventional doctors and facilities to charge outrageous amounts, with no success and no one demands it free or that at the very least it is outrageous. I too wonder how it is that many alternative clinics charge large amounts for treatments that cost little to do; they claim all these juice bars and nutritional diets, oxygen treatments and supplements that will clean you and build your immune system, yet their success rate is a dismal 20 to 25 %. We found after 5 years of searching the true treatments are not in highly publicized clinics but small cancer centers tucked away in some remote areas of the world.

One place in particular, we have had the pleasure of helping people attend and to receive a successful treatment. 80 percent are successfully treated. That means there we loses and when dealing with terminal cancer cases, losses are to be expected. Losing someone you have tried to help is not easy, we tend to get close to people and Jesicha has taught us being personal and becoming part of a person’s cancer journey is important for the cancer patient. We will never lose our ability to care, to have empathy for the cancer patient or their family and when we have to we will be there with true sympathy.

In honor of Jesicha and all the truths she has given us, the guidance she has given from above to lead us to discoveries and places tucked away hold cures we are going to help some special people get their chance at survival. We have been given the approval to help anyone that cannot fully pay for the treatment a gift of 10 thousand USA dollars towards the treatment in the Philippines.

If you want to know more about the center and its unique successful treatment, please see a volunteer at Jesicha’s Hope. www.jesichashope.org

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