Cancer Treatment Western Style: The Banality of Evil

A diagnosis of cancer creates a sudden altering change. Is life the same? The sun still rises and sets, the moon still cycles, the world still spins and yet there seems to be an unidentifiable shift within you. The perspective of life changes and through a new window on your mind life has changed. We are living beings of emotion, which is now swelling deep within; mortality comes into focus and lifetime has a new meaning. We face now the evil of the disease, that has full intention of stealing part of that lifetime; but with a sense of hope we hear voices that tell us not to worry, there is science that will take care of that evil. Our swelling emotions heighten our senses, catching these words we grasp onto hope.

The hope we grasped is Western Medicine, now a huge Medical Industry with profit margins, parent corporations, subsidiaries and branch off corporations; it is where science gives way to profits, where the art of healing is shelved for the sake of satisfying the ceos with higher stock prices. Doctors, nurses, hospital staff, testing labs, imaging labs, and the like; all part of the industry, all taking orders and march to the beat of the industry’s theme. If there is a deviation from the norm, regulatory officials are quick to put back in line that which is out of line. Pharmaceutical corporations have a reign pulling and tugging at the FDA; approvals are given at the expense of the pharmaceutical yet it is the very fees that entice and the more enticement brings more approvals. Safety? It has no meaning, you need only look at what products are sold, approved of and now causing disease and know there is no safety, only enticement fees to buy approval. Drugs and treatments are no different. Our FDA provides the regulatory officials a set of standards our doctors must follow and adhere. This is Western Medicine, the Health Industry we are putting our hope in.


Modern medicine, otherwise known as Western Medicine, the industry where science is researching and forever requiring more money to research in a continuous methodical motion; where cures are always a decade away and disease is on a constant increase. We are smarter, our scientists more brilliant; old ways cannot work with modern medicine at the helm. And is this true? Who tells us? The industry tells us. The cure, that elusive cure for cancer; on the horizon the cure sits [ the industry predicts] yet we all know the horizon is always just beyond our reach and so too will the industry keep the cure for cancer. The industry needs money, lots of it, millions, billions of dollars need to flow to keep it alive; only pharmaceutical drugs, like high-priced chemotherapy, will supercharge the profit system, the high priced testing, and imaging and radiology treatments, flow more cash into the industry. Each is a gear moving the industry; one glitch and the industry would slow, [with a loss of billions] and no industry, so powerful and profitable, will allow for any such glitch; the gears are forever primed and greased with the unknowing patients.

What does the industry do with cancer? A system is created to keep the flow in a systematic, organized method continuing. The people are fed and allowed to use products from some of the branches off corporations deemed safe, with hidden dangers of health risks and death. This produces patients to enter into the health industry; where caring and compassionate doctors await with chemotherapy and radiation in hand. The FDA approved chemo drugs are well known for their side effects, as are the chemical products that began the disease [you are about to use chemo for]. Each is dangerous, each causes more disease, side effects, and death. Chemotherapy meaning – chemical therapy or otherwise known in other countries as poison therapy or treatment is the act of putting poison into the body to poison the cells, good and bad, in order to create a sudden death of bad cells with the hope good cells [being more of them] will survive and regenerate. Done enough times, the body eventually cannot recoup and does indeed die. Doctors know it, the Pharmaceutical corporations well know it and the FDA nods their heads of approval while taking the enticement fees.


Meanwhile, there are small independent, compassionate researchers, scientists, and doctors who have the dedication and the motivation to end cancer, cure it and they spend their own money gotten privately. There are no fundraisers for them, like the biking, running and walking campaigns all created by the industry to suck money from the emotional to propagate the propaganda and keep the people in the dark. These research centers and independent clinics are there because they know there are cures and they use them. They are continually developing newer ways to utilize old curative modalities making curing better, easier and faster; giving new hope to advanced cases, like the revolutionary development of the researcher in the Philippines, bringing the evolution of research into cancer cell death and immunity into the 21st century to resolve cancer. Most patients arrive and find these options nearing their eleventh hour of life; compromised by western medicine, new treatments are constantly researched to better treat western medicine’s damage with hope always to cure. These men and women are continuously tackled by western medicine’s watchdogs, ready and willing to attack when commanded, for the survival of the industry, and not mankind. Yet, these men and women are dedicated and they continue. Most western medicine doctors bring themselves, their loved ones and friends to what is called, Alternative medicine because they know the truth and they want to live without compromising their bodies or that of their loved ones. The doctors know the truth.

Here we place our hope. Facing our evil with our doctor on our side, we see no other choice. And his words are kind and he [she] seems concerned; compassion even is seen and we believe because we want to believe. We are told chemotherapy and radiation will treat our evil cancer. The doctor sits before us with hands folded on his desk looking straight at us without blinking, explaining to us the procedure that will begin our poisoning. The doctor knows the chemo will not cure, it will treat, not well and it will damage your body, perhaps it will kill you, but he tells you,[ with conviction] that this treatment will help you beat this evil cancer. With good wishes and a smile, he sends you off to the poison chamber. What does he think after that door closes? Does he for one minute have a conscience and does he think of you? Or during his training was he [she] so trained that emotion, morality was removed?


For the majority, you would continue your chemotherapy treatment and add radiation until your body could no longer sustain life and you would succumb, given the label of a fearless fighter, a warrior against your cancer. That is the reality of most cancer patients. Yet some are able to see and seek answers finding options outside of western medicine, abandoning western medicine to use alternative cures and find themselves cured. These are the minority. Western medicine, the industry, has a strong hold on the majority, having enough money and enough power to keep the industry moving.

That caring compassionate looking doctor, the sweet nurses, all of them that know; what about them, how do they survive and continue this charade? We see the industry using people to fuel the industry, like logs to a fire or coal to the furnace, people are sickened and then fed to the system. We the people are merely sacrificial lambs sacrificed to keep the evil money hungry Health Industry alive. It has no heart, it has no compassion it only needs be fed patients to pay the price. It tells lies and packages lies in pretty packaging; the word science [when it relates to the industry] takes on a new meaning, not for benefit but an evil profit. What causes a doctor to lie to a patient, giving them not only false hope but poisoning treatments, and preventing or blocking curative treatments through intimidation or lack of upholding their oath? How does a doctor withhold the knowledge of the cure for the sake of profit? The only explanation is western medicine is the banality of evil. And a doctor being part of the industry, so entrenched and so conditioned their banality has become part of their nature.

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2 comments on “Cancer Treatment Western Style: The Banality of Evil

  1. Jeff Bell

    Excellent article. Thanks for writing and posting it. Thanks for all the thought that went into it.

    I am a practitioner in the alternative arena. I have been at this for more than 3 decades. Over that time period of intense work and research, I have found a number of protocols and measures that you may not have. I have also developed a few of my own, mostly significant refinements of existing measures. Would you like to have these resources to add to your library? And how can I best find out what you have that I may not already know about.


    Jeff Bell

  2. jesichashope

    Jeff – please just email me directly and share what you have – I am always seeking ways to help people – I look for what people find to get the best results, if we are going to try and cure let’s use the best weapons and best strategies.
    I will look forward to talking with you.

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