Stage V – The Final Journey: Reversing cancer

Modern medical practices stage cancer, yet staging will give patients false hope, allowing them to believe it is only growing in one area. The TNM Stage System used by doctors throughout the world determines if cancer is present in a tumor, lymph nodes and distant areas [Metastases]. Understanding once cancer has grown beyond 10 million plus cells it requires its own blood flow [angiogenesis], then it is a logical conclusion as blood flows into and out of a tumor, some cells will travel in the blood to distant areas where they will begin to grow. Biopsies and surgeries will increase the rate of spreading, called seeding, by tenfold.  Before a tumor is seen and diagnosed the individual is, therefore, Stage IV. [See article Stage IV Out the Door in Jesicha’s Hope Athenaeum]

Chemotherapy, Radiation, and Surgery are all used in trying to reduce the size of cancer masses in the body.  Each had numerous side effects, many being serious, long-lasting, debilitating or fatal.  The immune system is diminished, if not destroyed exposing individuals to infections; often infections are fatal as they overcome the body without any defense.  Such treatments continue with cancer patients until a patient goes into remission and begins again when cancer ‘recurs’ or continues until the patient succumbs to side effects. Rarely do individuals stay in full remission after conventional cancer industry treatments.

The Modern Medical Industry [MMI]claims there is no cure for cancer. Their definition of cure is:  if you remain in remission for 5 years you are technically cured; however, it is assumed you still have cancer cells in your body, so you are not really cured.  So, no matter how long you may remain in remission after five years, they still assume you have cancer cells in your body. According to conventional medicine, cancer cells = cancer.  If we take this one step further, we can see the illogical thought process of the MMI. We do know at any given time any of us have cancer cells. If we held everyone to the same MMI standard the whole human race has cancer. This is not true of course, because our immune system is our defense against intruders like bacteria, viruses, and mutated cells we spare ourselves developing disease including cancer.  Those that have killed off cancer and survived through Stage V are essentially cured and future cancer cells with a good immune system will be systematically eliminated.

We know cancer can be killed. For survival and chance of curing oneself chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are not usually recommended. Surviving cancer means moving beyond the die off.  As you enter this period you are in Stage V [5].

Stage V is the hardest, often the longest healing journey of any individual.

What happens during Stage V?

When cancer cells are killed, they do not disappear, they remain in the body as dead tissue. Depending on the size or grouping of the dead cancer tissue many things can occur. We have macrophages that transport dead cells out of the body. These macrophages have receptors, MER and AXL; the MER calmly and steadily works to clear out everyday dead cells, including dead cancer cell whereas AXL reacts to huge die-offs such as cancer or inflammation, going on full high alert. Huge die-offs cause AXL receptors on the macrophages to go into action. But what happens to all those dead cells?  The body can be overloaded, the liver and kidneys will have trouble processing the enormous amount of those dead cells.
Detoxification is essential during Stage V. As rapidly as macrophages transport the dead cells, more are on the way.  Your liver and kidneys, as well as your skin, need to be on deck to process the ‘garbage’ and detoxing is your means of emptying the garbage.  It may become tiresome and you may feel fatigued however it is imperative you remain on course with detoxing.

Within the dead cells, many of the causes of cancer reside. Pathogens [bacteria, fungus, viruses, parasites], toxins and pseudo hormones live within and around cancer cells. As with any dump site, scavenger insects and rodents live; this is also true with cancer. It is a great environment for the growth of cancer when toxins, pseudo hormones, and pathogens accumulate; as cancer grows it encourages other pathogens to reside and feed off. Like a vicious circle, pathogens feed off cancer and cancer feeds off the toxic environment; until the circle is broken.

The kill off of cancer breaks the circle what occurs next is what we call the Pandora Effect [see The Pandora Effect article in Jesicha’s Hope Athenaeum] whereas all that lived in the cells are now released because there is nothing left to feed on. These pathogens become invaders of the body. The toxins are released as the dead cells collapse.  Quickly the body is overwhelmed with pathogens and toxins; a good immune system is the best defense, but it too needs assistance.  While nutrition alone cannot cure an individual, nutrition is a critical component in feeding the immune system. Here is where all foods that healthy cells demand should be given in abundance. Protein foods, organic eggs, fruits, and essential fatty acid foods put into the body energy that is needed to keep going. Much like we need fuel to run our machinery or military equipment during a war, our bodies are now fighting against all the invaders rising up to destroy us and fuel is in high demand.

Oxygen keeps us going, keeps our cells energized and helps make new healthy cells; a good brisk walk every day for at least one mile will pump into our bodies oxygen as well push our lymph system to move waste out.  Many think hyperbaric chambers are useful but unless you live near a true hyperbaric chamber used for marine use, you will get as much oxygen pushed into your cells with a brisk mile walk; plus, the benefit of the lymph system being worked out as well.

There is tremendous activity occurring within your body during Stage V.  Infections and inflammation are common.  During this time, the inflammation will appear around the dead cancer sites. You may be fatigued, and your doctor may order scans showing tumors looking enlarged and they may mention angiogenesis.  Dead tumors alert the body of something major happening, this causes a rapid reaction of macrophages, hence inflammation.  When tumors die, their blood flow dies off too; but the body quickly sends in rapid blood flow called inflammation. This rapid blood flow is inflammatory angiogenesis.  On a scan, a doctor will quickly see – larger tumor – blood flow and added it up to cancer growth. His or her announcement will put fear into many allowing them to succumb to the doctor’s recommendation of chemo and radiation. But the cancer is dead.  A careful look at the scan should show angiogenesis around the tumor, not in it; inflammation is like swelling so the tumor will appear larger.

Stage V can be one of the scariest journeys. It is when so many things are occurring and because doctors do not recognize cancer death and the healing process they are quick to put fear into patients when what they need most is help in eliminating the pathogens, toxins, and infections. The reality of Stage V is cancer reversal, where all that built up to create cancer is now being torn down. Sounds easy but it is very hard on the body. The stronger the body the better it is to survive Stage V. Not everyone survives. Previous toxic treatments diminish the body’s ability to rebuild; damage from surgeries, removal of lymph nodes and spleen, chemo damage to nerves all make it a hard time on the body. Using many modalities allowing cancer to grow before being treated successfully to kill cancer cells off means more pathogens and toxic build-up; the more that needs to be removed and killed off the bigger the task for the body. We must be a realist.  Understand the process of Stage V; prepare yourself for it.
Experts that have witnessed Stage V agree the sooner an individual gets a non-invasive treatment the better their chance of surviving Stage V.  How long does Stage V last?  The answer is held in how much die off there is and the number of pathogens and toxins within that die off. So realistically the smaller the cancer sites the easier Stage V will be.

An individual when diagnosed may begin their cancer journey in Stage IV but it is Stage V that remains the most elusive to pass through.  Why? Until the MMI recognizes that cancer can be killed, and they must treat the Pandora Effect immediately or lose the patient, people will continue to succumb infections and toxicity of Stage V.

Do you want to survive Stage V? Ask how we can help you. We want more to pass through Stage V and become cured. Jesicha’s Hope is dedicated to discovering and giving the truth so there are more that survive. We know cancer can be cured. If you need information to help in beating cancer, please contact us. or visit us: see our Facebook page: or join in a good discussion at   As always if you like this article visit for more articles of interest.



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