A Better Mouse Trap

mouseThe problem with so many treatments found in clinics across Europe and Mexico are that they have no research departments, getting their treatments used by others meaning they need not put in any research money – just open their doors and use treatments out there already.

They charge huge amounts of money, from 35 to 60 plus thousand USD.  And their success rate is about 25 percent.  Yes, that is not bad when you consider that the success rate otherwise will be 2 percent or lower doing conventional.

We know conventional treatments have a low success rate; when people begin to realize their treatments are not working the seek something that will work.  This is the perfect opportunity for Clinics using any number of alternatives to pop up and advertise they can treat cancer using alternatives. They use treatments like Gerson, Budwig, Hyperthermia, SPDT, Ozone therapy, pH therapy and get people flocking to them.  Market with the typical white coat for some authoritative look and give some statistics like: after treatment 75 percent of the blood flow to your tumor will be gone.

Sounds good? Wow, 75 percent of your cancer will be gone — Wait hold on! What did they actually say, 75 percent of the blood flow will be gone. But did they tell you after you leave in a matter of weeks that tumor will build new blood supply and you will be right back where you were?

You could just call them and go back right?  Not unless you have another 30 – 50 – 60 thousand to spend. Did they say they would guarantee anything?
The fancy clinics with the new white coats giving you this treatment look great, makes you feel hopeful but what about the successes, don’t you want and expect more than a list of treatments pulled from a list of alternatives available?  What about how they are done? Are they using the best of the best?

Our experience looking at PDT is most clinics use a 100 dollars’ worth of fluorescent bulbs with about a dollars’ worth of sensitizer to convince you they are killing cancer.  Truth is unless the cancer is sitting on the skin or just beneath, it is not going to do any good at all. So much for 30 thousand dollars for a useless treatment.
So, what happens when you put in over 2 million plus of your own money to do your own research and development? You come up with a treatment that works better than the rest.  A better mousetrap.

mouse dead in trap

With that, you will surely kill mice [cancer]!

For this, you get criticized a lot for bucking the system. Everyone is angry and ready to defame you because they could not do it and you will surely steal that easy money from them. Who cares that you spent 2 million plus dollars to make that better mousetrap.

And potential patients even complain: if it works so well why do you charge?

Who pays back the 2 million? At about 25 – 30 K USD it will take a long time, but that’s seemed fair to them to ask after all their mission is to cure, not steal your money. The purpose of developing the protocol was not to make a profit but to prove it could be done.

No fancy clinic, no white coats. Just a peaceful small house with a gorgeous view where inside the most powerful cancer treatment exists. That’s what happens when you spend 2 million plus dollars – you get a mousetrap that kills cancer.


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