A World Without Cancer

There are designated days for just about everything.  And February 4th it World Cancer Day.  A day to stand up and declare, we need to give more money for more research so more cancer treatments can be found. And someday there will be a cure — but wait we need more of your money.

Meanwhile, where does all this money go?

Well, every organization needs money to operate, so we need to fund the expenses first. And all CEO’s need a salary, and the officers of the company need their paychecks, and the employees too and don’t forget the benefits or retirement plans.  A nice building, nice offices within the building, landscaping and company cars.  Now, these are just the organizations that are collecting the money. We haven’t even gotten to any money, if there is any left over, to give to a research lab.

Research labs. Most research is done at universities, their work is usually funded by state and federal or government loans, grants and other funding by business funding programs for charity or tax write offs and Pharmaceutical Giant corporations. The labs exist, the researchers are employees of the universities and their projects are usually well funded, especially if they are focused on a new drug for cancer treatments.

Big Pharma likes to control things, one pharmaceutical corporation or another will have their profit calculators working overtime when a university announces they are ‘onto something’ regarding cancer treatment.  If it looks like something big in terms of profits made when the new drug is on the market – you can bet Big Pharma money is there to pour money into the project and push legislatures to get the project through the red tape and onto the market. Big Pharma will project the profits and if it looks like a huge money maker, money will pour into that project.

So the fundraising money from the American Cancer Society, the Cancer Research UK, Susan Komen, Memorial Sloan Kettering, and the list goes on is not really needed at all. The awareness they all do in raising the funds is needed for the Pharmaceuticals and the Modern Medical Industry because they to have kept their customers [cancer patients ] hooked on their treatments.  Insurance companies are required to cover only those treatments deemed ‘safe’ for cancer treatments by the FDA or equivalent. It is a perfect money plan with the cancer patient as the sacrificial lamb.

sacrificial lamb

Corporations produce products to make cancer, corporations make drugs to just treat cancer [but no cure], corporations draw in customers through hyped up fundraisers, insurance companies pay for only those treatments deemed approved by the big corporations. Everyone is making money, the cure is out of the question and the patients are just the poor little lamb being slaughtered.

What about a real cure? Is it out there? If it is why wouldn’t it be in every hospital? Every doctor would know about and tell their patients…..right? WRONG!  How many times have people said those words if there was a cure everyone would know.  The Modern Medical Industry has completely brainwashed people into thinking we need more money and more research, that cancer is this elusive disease that keeps fooling doctors, there is no cure yet but it’s coming with more research and they figure it might be a virus, no it might be a fungus, no it might be good cells gone bad, no it might be… what next – Superman disease? It IS a result of the toxins put into our bodies through products and environment, making the body create an out of control immune response. But that truth will never be told.

Are there cures? Of course, cures exist. And it is not too good to be true. The Modern Medical Industry taunts you with – “if it is too good to be true it is”  The fact is logic tells us a cure is quite possible, in fact, it is more impossible that there is no cure.


The Modern Medical Industry wants everyone to follow them like little sheep, line up to get sheared and sacrificed.  The real cures are out of your sight, kept there by the Pharmaceutical gatekeepers. Meanwhile, the little lab operated by an independent researcher in some distant land with enough knowledge and open-minded forethought has discovered a way to kill cancer.  A big funding check will not arrive from any fundraising corporation, cures are not important.

A world without cancer is our dream, it is not the dream of the Modern Medical Industry.  Believe in in hope, believe in the cure, trust those that work for the real dream; find the cure. Don’t become a sacrificial lamb.


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