Killing cancer in days???

Over the past few years, we at Jesicha’s Hope have been faithfully supporting and responding to the needs of people going to the Philippines for treatment of cancer. Our mission from the onset has been as Jesicha decided: to seek the world to find the best true treatments to kill cancer and to expose those truths of false hopes to save the lives of people fighting cancer.

Her dream has come true in so many ways but her story had an ending she did not expect. With her hopes up she turned away from conventional treatments after realizing they were all lies to harness you into a chemo chair until they put you into a coffin. She turned to alternative treatments feeling hopeful she had finally found the answer to living a long life without cancer. What she did not know was chemo and radiation keep on giving in a very bad way; organs fail and life is unsustainable.
In her last days, she uncovered more untruths that today help save lives. Her legacy now continues.

We set out to continue her mission and keep Jesicha’s Hope very much alive as we help others stay alive. In our travels, we have seen many treatments from many clinics. We have heard of treatments from the deepest jungles and the most remote areas of the world. It is very true that many individuals make it through cancer in these remote areas but is not just what they do but their bloodlines living in these remote areas that save them. Just drinking water from these areas or eating their fruits or herbs cure but that whole environment, the whole ancestral makeup that gives them these incredible odds. What gives them cancer, to begin with, is a question that can be debated but we do know they can cure themselves without any use of poisons, or surgeries.

A few years back we were introduced to a man that left conventional medical science behind to study why and how to kill cancer. His mission was to cure what had killed his mother. No scientist so driven to keep his mind active could resist that mission. The brain is an organ that needs constant stimulation, for a genius mind that means far more activity; this mission was just the thing for this man. We are fortunate to have met him twelve years after his mission began. As they say, a man on a mission is unstoppable. This was true and in these twelve years, he had learned exactly how to stop or kill cancer. But he continually wanted to learn and do more. This is where we came into the picture.

We were given the opportunity to conference at length and see the documented research papers, scans, and reports from the hundreds of people he had saved. Having done much of his work in Australian where he, as an American had to take up residence his work there, gained him some notoriety. He has quite a following of many doctors there where he would save the lives of their patients but not before he got the attention of some hospital departments heads and a couple of unsavory doctors. The department head noticed a decrease by the millions in their oncology departments due to patients being cured and not continuing chemotherapy/radiation/surgeries and hospice. The unsavory couple decided it was too good a thing not to try to steal and made quite mess of things when they used his solution without proper handling and killed three people. With the help of some detectives, he was spirited out of Australia to the Philippines where he could operate safely without more harm. And his doctor friends could continue to send patients on a trip to the cure. We joined in the support after he had been now in the Philippines for four years.

There was by this point in time a lot of evidence of people that he had cured back in Australia for over a decade ago. We immediately wanted to see for ourselves exactly how this treatment worked. Having a few people at that time we were supporting in dire need of something to save them we offered them that chance. Today those patients are still alive. They were very advanced, and we had our doubts but each improved, their journey back to wellness was not easy, all but one survived, and that one was convinced by her oncologist the inflammation after the kill off was more cancer, chemotherapy was administered, she died of liver failure.

Our entrance into working with them coincided with their recent addition their newest discovery of a nano-sized molecule solution that could quickly kill cancer cells in days. This was a tremendous discovery. Before this, their treatment consisted of using a sensitizer solution that gets into every cancer cell and reacts with their own laser type PDT lights so strong they can penetrate into the deepest areas of the body. Unlike other PDT [ Photodynamic Therapy] this new solution and their companion lights were decades ahead of others. This 4th Generation PDT was all he was used in Australia and still, his survival rate was 60 percent. But not good enough. Those that did not survive were advanced, the cancer was growing exponentially, too fast for the PDT to keep ahead of the growth. There had to be an answer and it was the nano solution. This solution amazingly cut treatment time down and patients improved within days. Tests showed there was no cancer activity within days of administration of the serum.

We observed the aftermath of the kill off, though it was faster and the 4th Generation PDT was forming a permanent immune response [much like a vaccine against cancer] there was still those that we hoped to survive did not. The scientist could kill cancer, yet the survival rate was hovering around 70 +percent now. We wanted more, understanding Jesicha’s mission, we took a big step in asking that we collaborate our research and discover why some survived and some did not; and then find out how to rectify that. The answer was an overwhelming yes.

The observations showed us the treatments prior to coming were a major part of why people did not survive post kill off. The organs were compromised from chemo drugs and radiation damage. Just as our Jesicha had died these patients too were experiencing organ failure. The liver is a major organ damaged during chemo treatments. Extensive research has found there are methods to clean and detox the liver of these harmful poisons and to repair the damage. Today the liver of patients undergoing liver failure can often be reversed saving many lives that would otherwise never see another day. Still, there were others that failed due to what appeared to be infections. Antibiotic treatments did not make a difference, and many times doctors doing routine blood work would find no bacteria in the blood which made matters worse since the patients indeed were suffering from bacterial or viral infections. Our discovery was cancer cells were secretly housing bacteria and viruses within, thereby hiding from routine blood work. These stealth pathogens were let loose when cancer cells died, seemly coming out of nowhere to cause acute illnesses and ultimately killing the patients. So cancer cells were like Pandora’s Box when opened all the evils within escape to cause havoc on the body. If we were to make a bigger impact on the lives of patients there had to be a way of stopping these pathogens.

The inclusion of using Rife technology began to make a huge difference in the outcome of so many patients that otherwise might succumb to the Pandora effect. Yet without hesitation, the research still continued. Recently the introduction of the newest solution Cytodefense has finally brought the survival rate to well over 80+ percent, whereas it can kill quickly bacteria, fungus, and viruses as they escape the cancer cells. Recovery is faster and people are returning to their lives faster.

Still, there are those with heavy chemo damage that do not survive. But we hope someday we can learn how to stop the damage from the heart and other organs which we have learned chemotherapy and radiation damages. Will we ever reach 100 Percent? No one is God, no one can totally bring back those so severely damaged from prior treatments, but we do know there is hope.

Today we call the treatment the Philippine Protocol for lack of a better name, but a name is not important, it is the results that are important. We do know that being associated with such research and supporting patients from there brings to us not just the wonderful feeling of saving lives but the raging jealousy of others that cannot come close to the results. Since the beginning of recorded history, such jealousies have discredited, ridiculed and killed great minds [ ] yet, as we have decided either we hide from conflict or face it head on without fear. We decided to face our adversaries. They may spread lies, and create mistruths for their own gains; they must live with the consequence of killing people with their lies, not us. And because we care about those reading and wondering if those lies are true – we stand taller, and we speak up about the lies. It is our duty to be faithful to Jesicha’s mission and the truth will face down the lies.

Still if one does not understand how cancer is killed in days – and what is the Cytoluminator? The answer is simple, cancer is killed in days using the nano solution, 4th Generation PDT, Rife technology, Cytodefense solution and whatever new discovery awaits. The Cytoluminator is an ongoing plan to kill cancer and beat the Pandora Effect as well as the damages of chemotherapy and radiation. Nothing is 100 percent – only God can do that yet our goal remains steadfast: pull people from the grips of death as best as God will allow.

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