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Empathy Lost And Found

Why do we hear the words – caring and compassionate as a feature? If caring and compassion were natural inherent qualities in humans we would not need to remind or better yet impress others with the words. We tell others we have the qualities of breathing or walking or...


A boy’s dream to beat osteosarcoma

He had forgotten what it was like to play sports at high school or go to a dance, even the thought of walking down the hallways of his school like all his friends was taken away from him. The stealer of his teenage years was osteosarcoma. For two years...


Smug doesn’t get you points

I received a letter from a mom that was desperate to help her daughter. Having gone through this desperate journey myself I knew all too well the panic in her words. Her daughter had found Jesicha’s Hope many months ago and had her mother contact us. The initial questionnaire...