Smug doesn’t get you points

I received a letter from a mom that was desperate to help her daughter. Having gone through this desperate journey myself I knew all too well the panic in her words.

Her daughter had found Jesicha’s Hope many months ago and had her mother contact us. The initial questionnaire showed she had surgery and very little advancement since the surgery. We warned her it was only a matter of time after the surgery metastases would begin to show up. Through several emails and calls we set up a protocol that she could start to help slow down progression, but we told her mom it was important to get treatment when she was strong and had little progression. Killing what cancer cells remained and stem cells that were beginning to create metastases are the best way to cure and heal from cancer with a rather easy recovery.

During an update letter, we learned her doctors had reassured her there were no mets starting and how silly that was. Their compassionate words and condescending attitude towards us made her feel the doctors were better at dealing with cancer than we were. We have heard this story over and over. Doctors are good at giving the threats – ‘If you don’t do the chemo you will die’, or ‘ If you don’t continue treatment we won’t be able to help you any further so keep your appointments and do as you are told’ If you tell a doctor you will be doing a remedy, or nutritional supplements or diet, or you are considering going to a clinic they will immediately warn you what a dangerous move that will be. Hmmm – chemo and radiation aren’t dangerous but some good fruits and vegetables or a non-toxic treatment is dangerous? How can they continue to get away with such statements? But their marketing skills and false compassion pull in more people to continue down this sad path to hospice and death.

Her daughter had bought into the doctors, but she found the cancer was still progressing. Friends told her about some remedies they had heard about on the internet. While the internet is a great place to do research, you must be careful about where you get your information. Forums filled with well-meaning people or those that are self-experts are far too common and often pull in the desperate. Her daughter wanted so much to have something work and a cheap remedy her friends suggested sounded good. But the remedies did not work either.

Now months have gone by and between the remedies and the chemo or radiation the cancer was spreading. Her mother said the liver lesions were larger, it had spread to the bones and lungs. Her daughter was beside herself. Her doctors said there was nothing more to do but give her pain medication and enter hospice where it was only a matter of time. She would not see the end of the summer. Being in her early 30’s this was not what she wanted to hear. The doctors had told her the chemo and radiation would work but when she asked why it had not, the answer was simply – you did not respond. Not their fault – it was her fault.

Her mother told me, “we told the doctors about going to get the treatment in the Philippines. When we told them a few months back they laughed at us and told us only the chemo and radiation was known to treat cancer and these other things are just a joke. The doctors told us: ‘They will take your money and you won’t be cured because there is no cure’ ” I asked her, ” so the doctors took her money instead and did nothing to even slow it down, how do they justify that?” Well, she said – “they told her it wasn’t their fault it was her fault she did not respond. ”

With tears in her voice, she asked me, “can she still go to the Philippines?” She said she and her daughter told the doctors – ‘what can we do now that it has spread?’ The doctors told us – “you can enter into hospice and we will order morphine to make your life pleasant or if you want you can go try that silly treatment in the Philippines and see if they how smart they are at killing your cancer. You should have seen their faces she said they had smiles on their faces when they told us that.” So again, she asked, ” I know we should have done this sooner but can we still go there is no hope here.”

So – what do you say – We told you so? Of course not, we know all too well how doctors operate, they play this game of we are better because we are oncologists, but they are nothing more than pill pushers – pushing chemo and radiation at patients knowing it will kill them sooner or later. And when the going gets tough hit them with morphine to slow their bodies down until it shuts down – and then get a pat on the back for their caring and compassion. It is all an act, it has to be; who could do this to another human and think it is okay?

Recently I was told about an article from a friend said the best murder to get away with is giving chemotherapy and radiation to people, no one will be prosecuted even though there is sufficient evidence to show giving poisons to people will indeed kill them. He told me, “doctors cannot be that stupid that they don’t know what they are doing, it is only a matter of time before the public revolts.” Maybe that day will come but for now, doctors find it easy to obtain enormous amounts of money claiming cancer is incurable and only their poisons will be used to ‘treat’ the patient until they die.

The mother and daughter are preparing to arrive, what her future holds we don’t know. She knows survival is about a 50 / 50 chance but that is better than what she has if she doesn’t go. Will we all be blamed if she is does not survive? Probably. The smug doctors will be elated and ready for the ‘I told you so’ But what did they expect? They stacked the cards against this poor woman for what? Will people bow down to them and give them 10 points for winning this round? Not on my watch. Smug doesn’t buy you points it only makes us more certain it is the best crime in the world you can get away with. For now, anyway. People are getting smarter. The truth will always win, it just takes time. For this young lady – we will do everything we can, we cannot perform miracles, but we can hope for one.

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