Empathy Lost And Found

Why do we hear the words – caring and compassionate as a feature? If caring and compassion were natural inherent qualities in humans we would not need to remind or better yet impress others with the words. We tell others we have the qualities of breathing or walking or even eating; these are not qualities these are features humans naturally make us living beings. But shouldn’t humans have evolved to be a higher species with inherent emotional features?

How do we expect those around us, those we should trust our lives with to do what is truly best for us if empathy is only an emotion we use when convenient? We hope family and close friends are empathetic, we hope those that say they care do care but too often the words ‘ I care’ are empty.

Animals on a lower level care about themselves out of the need to survive, they care and show emotion to their mates and their young. Have you ever seen an animal standing over a lost mate or youngster, there is true emotion, they care. Even the lowest of creatures have inherent emotions to care about mates, and young.

We too care about those we love, we protect those we love. Why? Because of anyone within our ‘pack’, we protect, care about and show empathy. But shouldn’t there be a human pack? Shouldn’t we at this point in our advanced evolution care about the survival of our species and truly care, protect and have empathy towards others in our human pack?

Many years ago my son did an experiment where he placed a stuffed mink he found at a local recycling center, on a fishing line; it was set on the opposite side of the road and slowly pulled across when cars approached. He wanted to see the reaction of people. Would they care enough to try to avoid it, or stop for it so it could reach the other side safely or would they not care and run it over without hesitation or worse yet would they steer towards it in order to run it over? Over the course of his experiment, the sad conclusion was that 90 percent of people either ran it over without hesitation or steered towards it and ran it over. Only ten percent stopped or slowed then went around it. As a child, he was sorely disappointed in the lack of empathy towards what appeared to be a small helpless animal trying to cross the road. The fact the road was not busy, little traffic and there was no danger if the drivers had stopped or avoided the ‘animal’ made the conclusion more disturbing.

If we do not care about even the least of creatures how can we expect empathy when we need it most? Cancer patients need empathy, they need true real caring and real compassion. Treatment plans should take the survival, the best interests of the patient into full consideration. We see over and over, doctors do not listen to patients, they double guess symptoms and take little time to really care. Doctors hand out painful, horribly harsh poisons in the name of treatment when they know full well the treatment will not work, will only take the quality of life away. An empathic doctor would explain – there is no treatment that will cure you or prolong your life, any treatment is given at this point would take away the quality of life without giving even more quantity of life. However, this conversation does not happen. Why? Empathy is lost.

Money drives most people and doctors are no exception. Tens of thousands of dollars loom over doctors to take freely if they hand out the cut, burn and poison regiment. Chemotherapies are invented and reinvented to create new hope in unsuspecting patients, radiation is called targeted or pinpointed to give a patient the false hope no healthy cells will be touched, or surgeries are said to be less invasive but patients still wake up to find body parts missing in larger numbers then they thought. Tens of thousands are handed over with patients assuming ‘caring and compassionate’ doctors were treating them. The marketing is so good, patient families donate huge sums after the inevitable death of their loved one because the doctors were ‘caring and compassionate’. Ask that doctor about the patient and you will learn the doctor knew little about the patient, so much so your mere asking will bring up an indifferent and unempathetic response.

Alternative clinics are on the rise as the opportunity to cash in on the lack of good treatments for cancer using conventional modalities. Because greed and not empathy is the catalyst to most alternative clinics. Treating patients with modalities that do not work whether chemo or radiation or weak hyperthermia, PDT without proper matching of light to sensitizer, diets, etc all constitute a failure to be empathic in doing what is right and in the best interest of the patient.

There are exceptions, within the human race there are those that have evolved emotionally and spiritually that give unconditionally to others because they know we all are among the same pack. Empathy is an amazing part of the advanced human being. It is not a feature to be marketed it is a true part of some individuals. When a cancer patient meets such a person, they will feel the warmth of their compassion and caring heart. True help faces them, no treatment, options or suggestions are given that are not in the patients best interests. This is how people should be treated.

Jesicha once said – No one should be treated like I have been treated by the doctors that have lied, belittled me for my fears, and in the end told me to shut up for crying.
It broke my heart to hear the words of the doctor when Jesicha was told – “quit bellyaching, we gave you three years what are you crying about”
Three years of lying, three years of giving her chemo and radiation over and over at the cost of nearly 2 million, three years of fear and desperation.
Nothing done in her best interests but a lot done for their bank accounts. There were those words – caring and compassionate on all her pamphlets but there was not caring and compassion – it was all a lie.

Her dream was to find hope, to find people that put people before money, made healing their mission, remembered we are all one big pack. After she left this world, we continued her dream, it was our mission. And we have found some wonderful people that care as we do. We are here to always share our compassion because like those we work with – empathy is found.

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