And What Path Shall I Take

I got a call from a past patient of the Philippine Protocol, she has been cancer free now for a number of years and just enjoying life, so I was a bit concerned when she sounded upset. She had recently had some serious abdominal pain that seemed to come and go but now was getting a bit steady. She had gone to her regular general practitioner for help.

After a CT scan, her doctor referred her to her former oncologist. This was cause for some anxiety. She called me shortly after returning from her appointment to let me know her oncologist told her she had pancreatic cancer and had only several months at best. He saw spots on her cystic spots on her pancreas.

And so, she stands at a crossroads. There is the path of following what her oncologist plans out. Or she takes the path of following her former practitioner in Cebu that cured her abdominal cancer.

The conventional path:

The oncologist has set a plan of action. She will enter into the hospital where they will put in a stent to keep the bile duct open, hopefully preventing jaundice that can occur. He will have her on a course of chemotherapy for several weeks to see if the ‘spots’ disappear. Looking at her past history of cancer he is not optimistic on the prognosis and gives her a few months if she takes his course of action. If she does not choose to follow his recommendations he has told her she has weeks at best.

The non- conventional path:

She has been told the scans do not reflect what the oncologist is saying. They have never seen cancer return after using the Philippine Protocol, she should have immunity against cancer therefore what the oncologist is claiming to be cancer is not cancer. The course of action would look at the gall bladder for gall stones as this would have the same abdominal pain and could cause pancreatitis where cysts can form on the pancreas. An ultrasound by her diagnostic doctor would be in order.

What is the best course of action?

If she returns to her oncologist with the suggested call to action by her non-conventional practitioner, he will reiterate his claim of weeks to live and give her a good scare. He could agree and let her get the ultrasound just to be sure but will he?

She has to decide to talk to her oncologist and see what he will agree to or she needs to follow the course of action that is totally non-conventional. They could be wrong, and she will have wasted time doing an ultrasound and believing it is just gallbladder. Could that be true? And is she really immune to cancer?

What do you think she did? What would you do?

Her choice was to ignore her oncologist, she knew his answer already and wanted to waste no more time. She made an appointment for an ultrasound scan with the doctor she relied on for this type of scanning. The result was: two large gallstones, with inflamed walls of the gallbladder, poorly functioning and pushing toxins into the liver, pancreatitis with cysts. The plan of action: gallbladder removal as it is infected and nearly non-functioning, the subsequent infections [pancreatitis] will dissipate, as well the cysts will disappear on their own. There was no cancer anywhere. She is immune.

If she had chosen the conventional path what would her prognosis be? First, there is no cancer. The oncologist would have put a stent in for no reason and begun chemotherapy for a clinical reason. Chemotherapy does not cure a gall bladder with gall stones. It would have gotten worse, and they may have noticed it or they may have given her morphine for the ever increasing pain as the gallbladder failed. Which would it have been? If they did nothing and the gallbladder failed it could have burst causing a toxic situation that in her case gone unnoticed could have been fatal. Or they could have then noticed the gallbladder failing taken action but continued with the assumption she still had pancreatic cancer. If the gallbladder was taken out soon enough the oncologist would have notice the cysts disappear and believed it was his chemotherapy that did it. The chemotherapy still would have caused damage and side effects.

Her reaction to her choice: ‘Thank God I listened to you. Once again you have saved my life. How can I ever thank you enough?’

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