Immunity Against Cancer – how one man dedicated his life to make it happen

The scientist speaks about how it all began:

“Among the cancer and PDT researchers I studied was a Mr. Hamblin, who at that time was at Harvard University. He was kind enough to share everything he knew and to tell me what needed to be done that nobody had been able to do.

Later I was talking with Mr. Hamblin, and he said something I will never forget. “It’s a bit early to talk about this, but it seems that PDT when done properly can create a permanent immunity to cancer”. Imagine how that felt to hear that! I told my partner if it was true I would dedicate the rest of my life to developing this immunity to cancer treatment.

Eventually I found a study from South America where they took mice and injected cancer into both thighs and killed the tumor on one side with PDT. To their amazement, the tumor on the other side disappeared a few days later. They didn’t know what had happened, so they decided to repeat the experiment. They injected cancer on both sides of 12 mice and waited, and waited and waited.. nothing grew! They tried 3 times on all mice, and they could not get cancer cells to grow.

So this is the focus of everything we do. First, we kill the main part of the cancer in a special way that alerts the immune system to the cancer as an enemy. Second, we support the immune system with a holistic variety of vitamins, special alkalizer compounds and several phytochemicals ( a fancy word for plant extracts ). Third, disable the cancers ability to make food using a very advanced non-toxic chemical and disable cancers ability to resist the immune system.

In my opinion, there is only one way in the world to get long term survival with cancer, and that is to activate the immune system against the cancer so your immune system hunts down every last cell and destroys them.”

So we ask how does this PDT work to create a vaccine?

“When you use PDT properly, it creates an “in situ” vaccination which stimulates the patient’s immune system to attack the cancer. This does not happen with all sensitizers. We created our sensitizer to give the maximum immune response.

We believe this is a vital part of fighting cancer, because it makes the patient immune to recurrence once the main cancer is under control. The main body of cancer must be reduced to a minimum size before the immune system can gain control, simply because Cancer has ways of resisting the immune system. We accomplish that with a variety of treatments, of which PDT is the major component.

We cannot guarantee that all patients will have an excellent immune response, because individuals may have immune system defects or immune suppression, especially if they have been on chemo. Today we have developed more solutions that we call Nano solutions that help us kill cancer in the body before we begin the PDT. It is working well against cancers that are very resistant or inoperable, this is giving patients hope where there was none 5 years ago.”

Is this available everywhere?

” At present it is only available where I am and that is in the Philippine where I have chosen to do my work. Because the sensitizer costs so much to produce and the lights I use to create that immune response cost upwards of 30 thousand dollars it is not something any clinic or doctor can afford to do. We hope someday I can teach others but right now we are the only ones. I call it 4th Generation PDT because it is a generation above all other types. If it were not for Mr.Hamblin’s statement that challenged my mind we would not be talking about it today.”

Is the treatment very expensive? 

“I cover the cost of my equipment and supplies for the sensitizer because that is the most important part of the treatment. Today I have added breakthrough serums that use nano particle technology so like the sensitizer I can direct it into cancer cells whereby I can then control them to die. With these additional things we are still very reasonable, far below what others charge but I am wanting to heal that is my goal.”
You may find the link to their 4th Generation PDT page of interest for further information.

“I believe when someone understands how important our work is and what we have discovered, a wise decision will be made.”

You may find the link to their 4th Generation PDT page of interest for further information.

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