Pancreatic cancer survives cannabis

Pancreatic cancer under conventional treatments has a poor prognosis. Reality is we cannot survive it so when I recently posted how you could kill cancer in 4 days we got people that flooded in to us but we also go people to claim they too could kill cancer and even Pancreatic cancer. [ ]

I was informed the cannabis could cure even Pancreatic cancer and they had proof. Curiosity for any science of healing I am open to discovering so of course I welcomed the information and the proof. I received links to sites that told about how cannabis oil and Rick Simpson oil was the ultimate cure all. Wherever I go online and post articles or comments I am quickly told cannabis is the answer, you cannot post without someone posting back that cannabis is the miracle oil and will cure you of anything that ails you, including pancreatic cancer, brain cancer – any cancer! After reading all the links is was very apparent where all these people were getting this information or perhaps it is all these cannabis gurus that are putting up all these sites. The point is there is a huge cult of cannabis addicts out there, and that can make things quite difficult when the truth be told. Meaning of course, I will be inundated with hate email. But the truth must be told.

There are hundreds, thousands of people each day that are ingesting, smoking, using suppository cannabis for cancer treatment in the ‘high’ hopes it will cure them. But does it really cure?

We took the time to listen to a few videos we found online of cancer survivors that had used cannabis oil, these stories were advocating the use of cannabis to treat cancer with the full assumption it was going to cure them that is after all why we use a treatment right? To cure us? Why would we spend money and use a treatment that was going to make us feel good but not cure us. We listened to the videos and then went in search of how they were doing.

Here are a few:

Mykalay Comstock – leukemia at the age of 7. She is still alive and doing well, she used both chemo and a lot of cannabis. – God bless her and I hope she continues to do well. Leukemia should not be so scary, it is not a difficult cancer to kill, although conventional treatments can in many cases weaken the body so much children often succumb to infections and immune disorders. The Philippine Protocol we have studied for 4 years cures leukemia quickly. [ ]

Stefanie La Rue – battled breast cancer for twelve years – she was a strong advocate of cannabis oil. Her video and other articles showed her to believe that cannabis had successfully stopped her cancer and she would go onto live a happy cannabis loving life. But sadly due to breast cancer she died on May 31st, 2017. She said that after taking the cannabis oil she was cancer free – no signs of cancer. She even took a maintenance dose from that point on. Her cancer did return or had never really gone at all, her hopes and dreams of cannabis curing her was just a dream.

Wallace ‘ Buddy’ Rose – pancreatic cancer. Buddy’s video was the proof positive information that was sent to me showing me – see pancreatic cancer can be cured with cannabis oil. Wait hold on – that is false. Wallace Rose died just 18 months after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, in line with most diagnosed with pancreatic cancer patients that do conventional chemotherapy and radiation. So his wonderful video telling us all how great cannabis is and how it cured him was a bit premature, shortly after taking that video the world lost Buddy Rose. Reporting in November of 2015 Dr Christopher Rasmussen said: “Mr Rose commented that he will be taking RSO for the rest of his life. He’ll probably outlive us all. This case provides further evidence of the astonishing properties of cannabis.” But Mr Rose did not outlive ‘us all’. He died in February 2015.

Stan Rutner – lung and brain cancer – at age 79 he had previously fought cancer and used conventional treatments. He, his wife and daughter were advocates of using cannabis oil. His daughter was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and used cannabis, she died 2017, she lived only a few months after diagnosis. As of the obituary for his daughter Stan is still living.

Little Cash Hyde had brain cancer – after surgery and countless rounds of chemo the family tried cannabis. His cancer went into remission but after losing their supply it quickly returned [ than means cannabis did not cure him nor did it kill the cancer otherwise it would not have come back that quickly]. He died at the age of 4 years. God Bless

The conclusion is that while they may tout the greatness of cannabis we found that most stories claimed the side effects of chemo was lessened and they gained weight again with lessened pain; these are all good results. The claim that the cure to cancer is right there in this oil is not showing to be quite valid. For certain Pancreatic cancer progresses, surviving the most diligent cannabis regiments. There are some still living, and most are admittedly still using the cannabis oil, showing that they are not ‘fully’ cured, but hold onto their remission in fear that if they stop it will return, meaning of course that the cancer is not gone, but ‘sleeping’. For some that may be the best result, for most killing it for sure is what we want. Our choices are often made by publicity of certain treatments, advertising goes a long way to sell anyone anything, even chemotherapy is well advertised as the caring and compassionate treatment received at your local Cancer Center. We need to start looking at treatments that work because the science and the results says it does. The Philippine Protocol [ ] does kill pancreatic cancer because the science behind it results in the death of cancer cells and immunity against it. Cancer does not just go to sleep it dies.

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