Cancer treatment – the fearful decisions

The moment you are diagnosed someone begins to tell you what is best for you. Your doctor is the first, he/she will sit you down to tell you the bad news, but there is good news there are treatments that can treat it. You are overwhelmed from the bad news and with emotions high agree to whatever the doctor says. Why?

Your emotions are in control, something that you never want to use to make a decision. You don’t want to buy with emotions so why make a life changing, life saving choice on emotions? Our best decisions are achieved when there is a balance between emotions and logic. When emotions run high your logic runs low this will lead to irrational decisions. Those wanting you to make a decision use your emotional high to control the decision they want you to make. Your doctor is trained on many levels and one is how to get a patient to do what he wants the person to do; using your emotions to his/her advantage will result in the decision to sign a treatment plan you have not even logically thought about.

Anxiety rises up when we are told we have cancer, we are anxious and facing an unknown. It will disengage our pre-frontal cortex [ PFC] located at the front of our brain, it is this area that brings us flexibility in making decisions. Anxiety diminishes our logical rules in making decisions, leading to and increase in errors in decision making. The PFC neurons are particularly vulnerable to anxiety. The PFC weighs in on consequences, planning, and processing our thoughts logically and rationally. It brings calm to the emotions by calming the amygdala which is the part of the brain the runs on impulse and raw emotions, like fear.

Fear is a huge and powerful emotion. It is one of the most powerful motivators. In an instant this primal emotion kicks in and continues to influence us, it gives us the ability to survive. The fearful event is forever etched into our memories with the stroke of adrenaline. While it can save our lives, giving us the spark of adrenaline to move us out of harms way it can also interfere with our ability to make a good decision. Fear can be too powerful and if used as a motivator to make a decision, like our doctors tell us: ” If you do not start chemo right away you will die!” ,you are paralyzed by the thought he just put into your brain. Instead of flight – to run because of fear to survive, you are paralyzed. You do as he says because you cannot think, your PFC is completely disengaged. A bad decision is about to be made.

Fear can be too powerful to use as a motivator because it can also paralyze – the classic deer in the headlights syndrome. Would you like to use fear to motivate your employees to perform better? “If you don’t sell more widgets – you’re FIRED!” It can work, but there are rules you must follow for it to be successful. To use fear successfully as a motivator, a solution must be offered with it. A new path to follow. You can tell an employee he or she must sell more, but unless you show them how, fear will cause flight or worse: paralysis. This holds equally true with doctors and patients. If the doctor says – “If you don’t do my treatment – you will DIE” The doctor has produced a fear that can paralysis the patient into sudden standstill. Logical decision making is lost. Only fear will overtake the brain. The doctor should say, ” These are the options, closely consider them all.” Your PFC is fully engaged to help make the decision based on the options presented. As we know doctors utilize disengaging your PFC to get you to make a decision based on what HE wants; you need to be able to cut the fear out and engage your PFC to gain your ability to make a decision on your own.

And then you find those that act with love of humanity, giving you options to benefit you. Because people have a hard time distinguishing love we often will follow what fear has told us what to do. Why? Fear is 12 times as strong and will dominate your emotions to make you follow what fear has told you to do. Love is an emotion that we have only recently described before it was identified we just had that feeling of passion within us for another human, as in mating, or for our family or for those we care about and don’t want ill to fall upon them. No matter how we describe it , this is love. It is universal, we may say it is from a higher being that gives this to us or we can say that it is taught to us or learned. Love should rule our emotions however fear has given us the strength since the beginning to survive so we tend to feel this is the emotion we must stand up and take notice to while love comforts us, which may not help us in survival situations.

Love on the other hand if we learn to understand our inner selves would give us more attention to what our intuition or instinct is telling us. We can call this self love or we can just call it our gut feeling, instinct or intuition; whatever you call it we have an inner sense that warns us or nudges us in a direction our body may be telling us is the right way to go. Studies have found that events in early childhood could influence our gut feeling but, if you put yourself into a quiet safe place absent of anything fearful, your gut feeling will guide you.

Doctors and the medical industry have discovered people are more and more likely to seek and research on their own for answers. It is a survival tactic, we feel we need to do something on our own to find out how to save ourselves from our disease, whether it be cancer or other disease. More doctors are reporting patients are asking them about alternative approaches to curing their cancer. They are telling patients that the news regarding one alternative or another is all ‘fake’ news and should be disregarded. The cancer industry is blaming alternative cancer treatments and the providers for causing more expenditures, as much as $650 billion per year because doctors have to do more testing and treating so as not be sued for not doing enough. Studies show that all this money spent has not increased better care or survival. So what is wrong? The cancer industry fears alternative treatments will show the world cancer can be successfully treated with out conventional chemotherapy, radiation and radical surgeries. The oncology industry is campaigning or marketing to the public how dangerous and misleading reports of alternative cancer treatment news is; whilst the alternative cancer treatments are reporting the truth. Doctors will now step up the fear tactics to keep patients deeply engaged in chemo, radiation and radical surgery in order to survive their own fear, that they will lose the grip they have on patients, and lose the billions of potential dollars.

People use your gut feelings, turn your back on fear, allow your PFC and your intuition to come to a decision that is best for you.

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