Monthly Archives: January 2019

From Cancer sprouts greed and slander

Like many other illnesses or diseases, cancer equals huge profits. From tests and scans, to treatments to hospice, one cancer patient is worth over 2 million or more to the cancer industry and all the people within it. So it is no wonder why oncologists or any other doctor...


Chemo Destruction of the Temple

There is not place more beautiful than that of a temple. When built, only the best materials are used with the best builders erecting it. The walls are ornate, the roof like a crown tells the world it is a place of sacred peace. It contains within its walls...


Please don’t poison me

PLEASE DON’T POISON ME —– is this something you would say to your doctor? Of course not. You wouldn’t think or dream that your doctor would poison you. Yet, do you know most drugs have such dangerous side effects, you might just think twice or thrice about taking them....