Chemo Destruction of the Temple

There is not place more beautiful than that of a temple. When built, only the best materials are used with the best builders erecting it. The walls are ornate, the roof like a crown tells the world it is a place of sacred peace. It contains within its walls a sense of spiritual peace. Those that walk through its doors are filled with such peace, leaving renewed in spirit with joy in the heart.
The builder of such a temple would never deface it, nor its people destroy it. The temple is a place of great worship never to be destroyed by its worshipers or its designer and builder.

And so it is said that our bodies are the temples of our spirits. The body is perfect in everyway to hold and contain our spiritual being. We have our walls strong and beautiful of varying colors, we are adorned with sparking eyes that see all the beauty of the earth, our ears hear the sounds of all things beautiful, we smell the most intoxicating fragrances and we are crowned with tresses of brown, red and blonde. All from inside and out is perfect. Our designer and builder put so much into our temple, giving us all the resources to experience what the earth and heavens has in store for us. Our spirits could have no better place to reside but inside our glorious temples.

So when sickness occurs it was so designed that we would reach to the fields, valleys and mountains to find a resource as perfect as we to apply to our temple making it perfect again. And for millenniums this is how our temples maintained their wellness for our spirits. Until there came a time when some men felt it would benefit them to create out of greed their own potions to trick people into using. They peddled their potions to the people until the people left the fields, valleys and mountains to find medicine from the greedy potion peddlers.

The potions were made like those poisons used to keep the rats from invading the cities. The peddlers called these potions for cancer, chemotherapy. And called upon the authorities to ban all uses of true medicine from the fields, valleys and mountains. It was so decreed that no such potions were allowed, and all doctors must use the poison potions on the people.

As time passed, all people that used the chemo potions would become very ill and soon their temple bodies would crumble and fall into such disrepair it would not be fit for a spirit to live. The spirits watched their temples fall to ruins and die. The spirits left the temples and before they left the earth they saw the doctors outside their false temple hospitals counting golden coins like thieves in the night. The authorities were there taking their cut laughing and calling for more potions to be created so more could be used against the people’s temples.

Suddenly there was a great noise and the skies opened, the creator of the people’s temples cried out to the people – “I have created and given you these great temples for your spirits to live, how is it that you use such potions to destroy them? I have given you all the things necessary in the fields, valleys and mountains and given men the gift to know how to heal. These peddlers are like snakes and lure you with trickery. Their god is the piles of gold coins you pay them. I will never make you destroy your temple.”

And so the skies closed. People gathered to find the healers once again. The authorities hearing what happened set out to find all these healers and cast them out or kill them. Bigger lies were told, and more laws made to ban the healing potions.

The people began to whisper the truth and it spread like the wind. Who will it reach, who will listen and who will believe enough to save the temple bodies?

This is an opinion using the common sense of the author.

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