From Cancer sprouts greed and slander

Like many other illnesses or diseases, cancer equals huge profits. From tests and scans, to treatments to hospice, one cancer patient is worth over 2 million or more to the cancer industry and all the people within it. So it is no wonder why oncologists or any other doctor would discourage a patient to turn away from conventional treatment. The FDA makes it easy for oncologists to keep their stream of profits, giving only big pharmaceutical drugs as the approved methods.

Still people read and learn the horrible side effects of chemotherapy and radiation; sending these people to seek another way. From here cancer sprouts more greed. Numerous natural treatments, remedies and diets appear on the scene. Each begin to hype up their treatments. And it is all well if each would sit back and take on as many cancer patients that came to their doors. According to Medscape in 2007, cancer will strike one in two men and one in three women and it will continue to rise. That means there are enough cancer patients for every clinic, natural doctor or coach to help treat. But cancer sprouts greed. And greed is not a becoming trait.

From the beginning of when history was recorded, if a man or woman dared to make a statement, invent something out of the ordinary or discovery a new breakthrough they were ridiculed, banished and put to death. Why? Because they dared to be different or their greatness put fear into their opposition or because they appeared to take profits out of someone’s pockets. So greed has sprouted many evil doings throughout history. [ They Dared to Image Article ]

And today it hasn’t changed. Today there is the internet and lack of fact checking. Fake news as we hear today is running rampant because the internet is unregulated. Anyone can call themselves and expert and anyone can hide their identity making slander against any doctor, coach, clinic or hospital easy. Worse yet today the news spreads across the globe quickly unlike centuries ago when the next town did not know what was going on in your town so it was easier to escape persecution, until the 19th and 20th centuries when newspapers spread fake news or slander easier making it harder to escape it like Royal Rife who was falsely accused of fraud and lost his life over it. Today in the 21st century creating a website or posting on social media can spread your fake news or slander in minutes to the world and ruin a doctor’s life or clinic’s reputation or a coach’s reputation in minutes. And there is no recourse. Where can a person escape it? How too can the real truth be found? How can the damage be undone?

The question most ask is why? The answer is quite simple. Disgruntled people find it easy to send out a zinger in a minute and ruin someone or someone’s business. A person can be disgruntled because they might not have agreed with a doctor or thought his treatment was as good as they wanted, or it could be due to a dispute on charges. Whatever the reason, it isn’t a reason to ruin a life. Most disgruntled people are posting against natural doctors, oncologists seem to get praise even after having them suck up most of your savings and end up losing your loved one anyway. I guess the cancer industry does a good job of advertising their caring and compassion as they drain your bank account.

The next answer is greed – ah greed. That monster that loves to ruin anyone in your way. If another competitor and in this business of cancer, no one should feel they have competition with one in every two to three people suffering from cancer; but they do and some will do anything to stop another, even to ruin them. And they do this with lots of malice. You find there are clinics that will give kick-backs to former patients if they send more patients. This can be quite profitable for some. We know cancer is not selective, meaning some pretty unscrupulous people are given these offers. They will stop at nothing to attack other clinics just to get people to go to the one they get a kick-back from.

Do you see how much money is actually being made at the expense of people suffering from cancer? Yes cancer patients are cash cows. And that money glittering so brightly that people will do anything to get some it.

Jesicha’s Hope has not escaped this slander. It was founded in 2011, the same year Jesicha died. She founded it with a mission, to discover and spread the truths and to discover where you could find good non-invasive treatments. She went to Hope 4 Cancer and actually founded Jesicha’s Hope while there. We became friends with Dr Jimenez and his wife, Marcy. They dedicate their lives to their work, neither would do harm to anyone purposely. If they discover a treatment they had belief in not living up to their standards they stop using it. I have great faith the Jimenez’s are doing the best they can. When I hear of some of the slanderous posts regarding how they have stolen money from people that died or they are greedy; it is slanderous and done solely to ruin their reputation because I know how their side of the posts, the truth.  I have dealt with the people from BX Protocol, when I first heard about their protocol I had belief in what their studies shown me but after not seeing the results Jesicha’s Hope felt the need to drop BX Protocol off our list. We didn’t post anything negative on them, we simply decided not to continue putting the protocol on our list of types of treatment we had reviewed. We wish them well. We also followed the treatments by Cytoluminator founded in Australia and moved due to their own slandering to the Philippines. They have been treating cancer using their 4th Generation PDT for about 14 years and have made further breakthroughs since making their treatment plan more extensive. The researcher Wright has made waves in Australia bringing about false media reports of him being a sex offender. Rather than doing fact checks the newspaper ran the article solely because it was published to get him out of the country and leave the oncologists to make their money. He was reportedly treating cancer patients by the hundreds for doctors there making head oncologists pretty angry about losing millions of dollars. The accusations of course were false and proved through cleared FBI records. But still these are online. This is slander for profit.  Because of Jesicha’s Hope’s association by Cytoluminator, BX and Hope 4 Cancer we are slandered and called a scam.

I forgive all those that feel it necessary to slander and sprout their greed so they can feel bigger and better, fact is they are not but they just don’t know, that they don’t know. Since such behavior has been demonstrated since Socrates I cannot change it. I can only concentrate on the here and the now. I ask they be forgiven for harming innocent people that believe their lies and lose their cancer fight. All the innocent patients that could have found healing in Mexico or in Cebu may not because they read false negatives against these good people, I pray for them. All those that are responsible for all the false accusations, I ask that their words fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. Jesicha would be so disappointed in how her mission has been treated. I have in good faith given my help from my heart. I have not received riches from it, rather I have given and used my donations to help people that otherwise cannot pay for things. Will I stop? I have thought about abandoning my mission and living in peace but then someone calls and I hear Jesicha’s voice – I have to help. And I know that my good is known in heaven.

I have given my heart.
God Bless

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