Baking Soda IV Cancer Treatment Nightmare

The Baking soda cancer treatment, how did this begin? And why do some think it has value?

We all have heard about how important pH is when you are fighting cancer. It is in fact important when you are just trying to stay healthy and more so when we are trying to cure ourselves.

So what is pH? It is the measurement of acidity in the body. The scale goes from 0 to 14 with 7 being what they call neutral. Anything lower than 7 is acidic and anything above it is alkaline. The body controls its pH very carefully, it does not allow much variation, there are different pH levels within the body, the blood level is constantly at around 7.4, any fluctuation beyond a point or two and you would die; the stomach’s pH has a larger fluctuation varying between 1.35 to 3.5 it is the most acidic portion of the body.

People have some idea that cancer is acidic however that is not completely true. The environment around the cancer is acidic, around 5.5, this allows the cancer to grow; however, inside the tumor itself is alkaline. Cancer attracts glucose or sugar because it can convert it into lactic acid helping to keep the environment around it acidic for better growth. When you are tracking lactic acid in your blood work you can see how active it is looking at the lactic acid released into your blood, more growth equals a higher lactic acid level.

So if we can prevent, slow or stop the acidic environment around the cancer could we stop or slow the growth of the cancer tumor? Well most conventional studies will say probably not, but there are some that have studied using baking soda (sodium bicarbonate ) as a tool to control the acidity around cancer. Some doctors believe if you could do this more chemotherapy drugs could get to the tumor since the acidic environment can inhibit the drugs from crossing fully across that acidic barrier. But what about just raising the pH around the cancer would we see a change? The answer if you ask many natural doctors would be yes. If you raise the pH then you can then surmise the cancer will not grow as rapidly

Baking soda water

So how do we raise the cancer environment pH?

While there are drugs that your oncologist could use we want to talk non-invasive, non- toxic so we are going to discuss using Baking Soda. Using about 1 tablespoon a day you can raise the pH. Mixing the tablespoon into about 8 ounces of water with a bit of lemon or honey for taste will help it not taste so – baking soda like. You can even do 1/2 tablespoon in the glass and do it twice a day. The important thing is to help keep the cancer environment’s pH higher to slow the growth.

What about using Baking Soda for cancer treatments?

Using Baking Soda internally via a glass of water for raising the pH around cancer or using it externally in a baking soda bath for detoxing is fine. Injecting it into a tumor is not going to do much as scientists have determined the tumor is not acidic but already alkaline and raising the alkalinity isn’t going to kill it. But what about using it intravenously ( IV) ? That is dangerous, does not work and can kill you.

First, the use of sodium bicarbonate is a very useful form of treatment if you are have acidosis ( a condition when the body’s fluids become critically too acidic ). Doctors will use an IV solution of sodium bicarbonate to quickly bring the pH up, helping to stabilize failing organs. It can be used in an emergency as an antidote for overdoses of tricyclic antidepressants.

Sodium bicarbonate has some good medical uses but like anything someone with an agenda can turn anything good into a nightmare for others. It has been touted that you can use sodium bicarbonate IV or intravenous for treating cancer. Well using it for acidosis is one thing but what happens when you give this to a patient that is not suffering from acidosis or other medical condition that warrants an IV treatment of sodium bicarbonate?

Alkalosis would be the one of the first concerns, meaning it will turn your body too alkaline and that can cause serious or fatal effects. The kidneys try to reduce the alkalinity however, if they become impaired alkalosis will occur.

Hypokalemia occurs when the body’s potassium levels become extremely low, this furthers the alkalosis effect as the kidneys cannot metabolize the potassium. Low potassium levels cause heart damage and/or heart failure.

Hypochloremia is an electrolyte imbalance when a low level of chloride is in the blood.

Hypocalcemia is an electrolyte imbalance and is indicated by a low level of calcium in the blood.

Hypernatremia is an electrolyte imbalance when there is a rise in serum sodium concentration primarily caused by a decrease in total body water relative to the electrolyte content.

There are Respiratory, Neurological and Cardiac problems all arising out of sodium bicarbonate intoxication or overdose. The dosage should not be more than about a few teaspoons to a tablespoon daily or using an injection or IV form as directed for emergency treatment.

By no means is it intended to be used for days and weeks on end through IV to try and kill cancer. It will not work. Dr. Robert Young has been living the good life with his pseudo doctor degree, c in his pseudo luxury ranch in Southern California treating innocent and desperate people with his baking soda treatment. He has touted his non-scientific rhetoric as cancer being nothing more than a result of an acidic body and how an alkaline body can’t allow cancer to live. His treatments are exorbitant costing as much as 3000$ usd a day and he recommends weeks of treatment that could cost an unsuspecting patient well over a 100,000$. Reports say that most of his patient do not live out their stay but he reportedly claims it was the patient’s fault. He is now serving a 3 + year sentence for his fraudulent treatments. His false treatments give a bad name to non-conventional treatments for cancer. But he is not the only one.

Sodium Bicarbonate IV

Dr Tullio Simoncini an Italian doctor working in the Italian social services department who turned into a cancer treatment doctor. His theory is that cancer is nothing more than fungus and can be killed off by using sodium bicarbonate injections or IV solutions. He claims that there is nothing wrong with using sodium bicarbonate because it is routinely used for medical use, just NOT the way he uses it. He was arrested in Italy for wrongful death and scamming. His license to practice was revoked in Italy. He did not stop treating, he just moved to Argentina where they have allowed him to continue his fraudulent treatments. Whether he gained an Argentinian license we don’t know. Like Young he has left a long line of people dead. A pair of twins over a decade ago decided against chemo for their lung cancer, one was treated by Simoncini the other by a cancer center Cytoluminator, the twin Simoncini treated died during treatment the other twin is still alive. Baking soda IV does not work and kills patients with severe side effects. Recently a patient with brain cancer used his treatment and nearly died of heart failure when she presented with hypokalemia. She almost went undiagnosed until a family member told the doctors she had been treated with three weeks of high dose baking soda IV’s. She was treated and recovered, her brain tumor was not effected, and scans showed an increase in size after Simoncini’s treatment and the loss of over 30000$. There is a doctor also in the USA like Dr Young that is treating with intravenous baking soda and touts Simoncini’s treatment as something we should run out to have her do. Unlike Young she has yet to be in court for her treatments. Time will tell.

Dr Colleen Huber is a naturopath practicing in Arizona. She believes she has the answers to treat cancer. She too is like Young, charging large amounts for IV bags of nutrients, DMSO, Vitamin C and Baking Soda – as per Simoncini style. She boosts how Simoncini has done so much for the world of cancer treatments and his great work in discovering the great use of baking soda to stop the acidic and fungal disease called cancer. While there is absolutely no sound evidence this is true, in fact, cancer patients are often treated for fungal infections yet when treated the cancer does not go away. Many pathogens live inside cancerous tumors but it does not make them fungus, viral or bacterial, they are cancer cells. Saying cancer is fungus is absurd and any doctor that believes this may be one to stay away from. From online searches Dr Huber has a history of complaints and doesn’t take to criticism lightly.

So is baking soda something good or bad? Well, if you overdose on anything you just might get very sick or die. I would say taken it in a glass of water, as a method to keep your alkalinity in check, especially when a person with a disease like cancer that can put extra acid into your system as it is progressing is probably safe. But you need to know what your pH levels are. If you are already very alkaline then you don’t want to add to it. Does baking soda cure cancer? That is answer is simply – NO.



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