The One Way Ticket

florida 2011 005I like to think anyone with cancer would give it a one-way trip.  Pack up and take it for a ride, just don’t bring it back when you return. Sounds so easy, doesn’t it?

Our way of looking at cancer doesn’t do anything to support my view of the one-way trip. The cancer industry sees treating cancer as some chronic illness or terminal where you take the one-way trip.  The word cure is for all purposes banned from the lips of doctors. “You can’t cure cancer, it’s incurable,” say doctors.  Why do you suppose they say that?

Could it be that the industry can’t let go of the stream of profits that come in from every aspect of treating cancer?  Just think, if the industry accepted a cure for cancer, a diagnosis, a treatment and a follow up would be all they could bill patients for.  The endless CT, PET, MRI’s, Biopsies, Blood work-ups, surgeries, chemotherapy treatments, radiation treatment, and pain management would come to halt.  Months and years of all the tests and treatments to end with weeks to months of hospice would cease.  All the personnel counting on these patients to supply them with an endless job with pay and benefit would dwindle to only a small group to do the cure.  Just think, if all that really occurred. Would an industry really just let itself die like that?

The answer is sadly, no. An industry doesn’t have a soul someone once remarked. If it has no soul, it doesn’t see life as important to save, it sees life as important to string along to make the profit.  CEO’s don’t see the lives lost, he or she sees profits and how to make more profits if they begin to feel they are voted out.  It’s as simple as that, it can’t be any other way.  An industry with no soul has no place dealing with real lives, where it can change the balance of humanity.

But the medical industry where the cancer industry is a part does deal with lives, it can change the balance of humanity.  The drug commissions, like the USA’s FDA, are supposed to protect humanity but it is controlled by industry heads who pay off and lobby to make sure drugs with potential to make profits, products with potential for profits; whatever an industry wants to get to the people for profit is pushed through with a lot of money behind it.  Whether the drug or product will cause harm or death is not a consideration, the profits are the consideration. The commission puts its stamp of approval on it and the public ‘thinks’ it’s been tested and is safe.  If the masses only knew the truth. 100216_0421_StompthePin2.jpg

The masses are controlled by the media, giving them a reason to assume all is well. Doctors trained and controlled by the medical industry do nothing to promote the truth, [cancer is curable], help push the profit line higher along with the death toll.  There is a growing number separating themselves from the masses. They see the truth and are horrified.  They seek out answers and find them in places so remote the medical industry hopefully won’t find them.

Social media can be our friend letting us know where to find the truth but it can be our foe, giving the medical industry a platform to pretend to debunk alternative theories calling it quackery, and the men and women that perform such treatments quacks, scam artists and criminals.  If we are seeking answers, we need to tread carefully, being vigilant in our quest to find the right answers.  Someone dedicated enough to put their lives on the line, some leaving loved ones behind in unfriendly countries to find a safe, welcoming country to set up treatment centers or clinics; is not going to be a fake. There in that remote place, the answer to the question is cancer curable, lies.

So we find such a place because we know the truth.  We get our itinerary and head off into the wild blue skies.  Arriving with all the hope in the world and a future painted in front of us where cancer isn’t a part because in that remote place cancer came with us with a one-way ticket.

Jesicha’s Hope is dedicated to helping you find answers. We seek the world over to find remote places where cancer can be eliminated completely.  We research to find more answers to questions and challenges that arise when people turn from chemo, radiation, and surgeries to traditional and breakthrough non-toxic healing.  Our Jesicha turned from the evil three, took her trip with a one-way ticket for cancer.  The challenges she met back home proved to us, you can leave cancer behind but the chemo/radiation damages come back with you. Today more than ever, we seek answers to help fight and hopefully one day overcome these challenges. Right now, if you have cancer, get that one-way ticket for cancer as fast as you can.
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