Cancer Logic

I like to think that when I study something I take into account the logic of science. For one thing, to occur, another must occur and so on. Logic is what makes us understand that what we are doing or thinking is right or wrong. Well, this is how I think.

Poison = No healing

For simplicity, purposes look at a plant, if I plant the seed in nutrient-rich soil and water it, then the plant should grow. Continue to water it with just enough sunlight and I should get a bloom or fruit to celebrate my efforts. And it works. A plant that I did not water soon withered and died, so my theory is correct, feed it, water it and you get a bloom or fruit.

I could go one step further and look at an animal. You take a kitten, for example, feed it, water it, give it attention and you get this healthy growing kitten that will grow into a healthy feline. Should I not feed it, well suffice to say if you look at abused, neglected kittens, most don’t survive because of lack of food and drink, with poor environmental conditions.

So here you are, once healthy but find yourself feeling poorly. Test results show you have cancer. Society has conditioned you to look to authorities for answers because they are the experts. Right? Do you question them? Probably not. That is what brings me to the logic of cancer science.

How did you get sick in the first place? Like the plant, if your nutrients were low and the environment poor, the result is sickness. Reverse the situation, treat the plant for, say, mites and the plant returns to health, if and only if, you catch it in time. Same is true with you.

For my plant I would apply something like Neem oil, safe for the plant, safe for the environment and my plant should return to health. What does the doctor do for you? He plugs you into a tube and pours poison into your veins. He tells you he is killing cancer but what he is also doing is killing your immune system.

To heal you need an immune system, it is the foundation of how our bodies are designed to repair itself and take care of intruders like bacteria, viruses, fungus and other critters that invade our bodies. Our immune system is designed by the master of the universe, it should be correct. Take the immune system away and what heals? What repairs us? Nothing! We die. That’s right, without an immune system you die.

Your doctor explains the chemotherapy will destroy your immune system but that is temporary. So where does the healing come from? Does he have some magical immune system restart? Probably not.

I think my logic is correct. If you put in poison into it, death will come of it. If you put in nutrients and healing agents, healing will come from it. Chemo is a poison, chemo put in, life healing system goes out. Radiation is poison, radiation into the body, life healing system and healthy cells go out.

Science tells me this living organism called US – humans need our immune system[ X ]to live and we need foods and drink rich in nutrients [ Y ] to remain healthy. So: X + Y = US healthy. If you remove X or Y from the equation there is no US. Your doctor is wrong, he cannot sustain US healthy he can only create US unhealthy or dead. Science tells us if we put x and y together we remain healthy, if we subtract any part of the variable in the equation then this cannot occur. Thus my logic is correct.

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