How Do You Trust?

It’s not what you know that makes a difference but how your word is trusted. Man, animal or bird must trust before they heed to your word. When faced with a look of fear and desperation my adrenal rises, hoping my every world, every move will be trusted.

Bites on duck’s neck

“Just trust me,” I reach out, “I’m not going to hurt you.” My hand touches him. He shivers in fear. I hold him, bringing him close to me, stroking him, whispering words to him. He shudders and relaxes a bit. I have for this moment gained his trust. Now what I know will make a difference.

He was just a duck injured by a predator attack. His neck bitten, six bleeding puncture wounds made his feathers sticky, but as my fingers probed his body no other signs of injuries were found. His eyes fixed on me watching my moves, but he no longer struggled. I cleaned the wounds, took my Cytodefense from the cabinet, applied some to each wound then put some diluted in water into his beak. I wrapped his neck in gauze, gave him a treat and placed him in a pen. Two days passed, finding him looking well I let him out to swim where he flapped and quacked. He had trusted and what I knew made the difference.

Duck two days later

Animals and birds don’t trust based on the opinions of others, they trust based on instinct. It’s a gift given to all creatures, but humanity lost trust in their instinct. How can you trust if you cannot trust your instinct?

Your instinct knows no opinions, it sees, it hears, it feels what is right. An animal or bird uses it but humans rely on less reliable opinions of others.  What will make a difference falls on untrusting ears. Desperation and fear are exploited, leaving people wary and untrusting. So how does the good word, true knowledge reach these desperate, fearing men and women?

I reach out. “ I have been there too, what I know will make a difference.”

Who will listen? Who will trust? “Please use your instinct, my intentions are good. I have answers if only will you listen.”

What I know will make a difference.

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