Open Your Eyes to Healing

Look around do you see everyone running for cover? Hiding themselves under a mask. Who tells you this is safe? Dozens of scientists and doctors that believed more in the truth than in spreading a lie have said this is wrong, there is no scare, masks are harming the immune system and you can overcome these virus-like other viruses.

But government after government from a tiny island to the biggest nations have put restrictions upon the people. Many have spent weeks or months under lockdown. What does that do to your health? We are a people of socialization; we thrive on socializing. Take that away and we begin to wither.

What is going on? Is it really about the virus? Or is something more?

It is a way of control. A well-planned, well-orchestrated plan to gain control over the masses. It has taken a long time to condition the population to accept whatever the government or an official agency tells you but they have achieved complete control.

Remember when you were a child, and you were conditioned that your doctor knew best? It began there, giving trust to someone that you had no idea was brainwashed to do the bidding of some elite group for sheer profit. That’s right. The doctor was selling false information regarding your vaccinations and drugs used for any illness you may have had. Antibiotics may have gotten you through some tough infections but even they have side effects designed to create further illnesses down the road. Of course, you would not want to die from an infection but no one has a right to make the treatment give life and take it away at the same time. You trade getting well from an infection for gastrointestinal disorders, heart problems, liver or kidney disease. Not good.

We can go into many aspects of what has been going on and we will in future articles. Right now, let us take a look at your immune system and know how to help yourself. You may be worried that you will get the dreaded virus. Don’t be. The death reports were greatly, if not mostly exaggerated using false numbers. Did you know no deaths from the flu were reported over the past year? Each that usually was attributed to the flu was given the covid stamp this past year. Then there were all the hospitals told to test every patient that came in from a car accident to a heart attack to a stroke or drug overdose; running the test several times assured a positive result and, in some cases, only a doctor’s signature of covid was all that was needed. Hospitals got millions of dollars for having covid patients. Patients had their bills paid for. Who was complaining? The problem is the truth never got out and when it started to come out the media was quick to shut you up. People started to open their eyes to the truth and most were afraid to speak out. Masks do not protect you from viruses as they told you. The government agencies were quick to mandate lockdowns and masks completely against unbiased scientific reports that said none of this was needed. Only those that are vulnerable were ever in danger and they are always the ones that succumb to the flu or other infection every year. We cannot prevent these deaths by quarantining vulnerable people or masking them.

What can most people do? Keeping your immune system up by eating organic vegetables and meats/fish is a simple step everyone should be doing. A healthy body is able to attack a virus or bacteria on its own. There are times when we need that extra boost to help the body attack an invading pathogen. We should all be aware of the vitamins and minerals that have strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. They are not drugs and will not give you a secondary disorder in the future. Viruses are sometimes treated with an antibiotic when research has proven they do not kill viruses. We are so conditioned many actually ask doctors to prescribe antibiotics when they should not. Doctors that oblige are doing more harm.

When we set out to research what will kill bacteria, viruses, and fungus we found several minerals that consistently helped the body resolve viral, bacterial, and fungal infections quickly. We worked with them to synergistically put them together to create a formula to assist you in fighting off viruses, bacteria, and fungus. Keeping some on hand to always reach for when the need arises gives YOU control over your body. You know there are no side-effects and your body will see the ingredients as real help.

With your eyes wide open you can make a difference in your life. When you are in control you feel safe. The F-D-A will never protect you, the government agencies and healthcare industry leaders will not protect you; protection from disease begins with not accepting the lies and looking to natural methods to heal.

We do not sell our formula but we do make it available to anyone that wants to self-heal for a donation to keep our work alive. Our mission is working to keep families healthy and help them heal without drugs. You help us and we provide you access to whatever you need that we have created. Check us out at Learn what we do and what we are creating.

Our mission of truth began many years ago, when Jesicha died of chemotherapy drugs treating her cancer, we began on a mission. The truths we discovered were unimaginable. Today we work alone helping others so they don’t go down the same sad path. Jesicha’s Hope gives hope it won’t happen to you. Paradigm Research works to help you help yourself with tools your body can use to prevent and stop infections, disorders, skin problems, and soon anti-aging,

Right now you will read on our website we are determined to stop more illnesses and stop the profits of drugs by asking you a smaller donation just to get more healthy open-eyed people to see the truth and spread the word. Please message us and become involved.


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