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Walking the pathway fighting cancer, is a long one, it can be dark and filled with fear but Jesicha’s Hope wants to change it; we can walk the path with you, we know the way. Everyone’s walk is not the same, some walk slow, others crawl, others are held in caring arms but we all go down the pathway. We all have traveled over the bumps, stumbled, fallen and gotten back up; it’s not easy, the journey needs an empathetic companion, Jesicha’s Hope is that companion.

Here on this blog, we talk about HOPE, we talk about Cancer, we talk about what is new, what we see needs exposing and most of all we talk about the journey, who has come down the pathway, who is on the journey or just beginning or ending.  We we talk, it is from the heart and spirit; we are not just bodies but we are wholly complex beings, mind must meet body; when body, mind and spirit come together, HOPE exists and you Believe in Life.


Please join us, share with us, and share hope.


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  1. Lauren Nichole Roberts

    What a wonderful message of hope! I have several close friends that have journeyed this pathway. Inspiring hope is so important for the person walking this avenue. You do this well. I have a passion to make a difference for individuals in this journey and also other serious health conditions.

    I am amazed at the volume of research that is taking place with nutritional products and cancer as well as other serious health challenges. My friends were lucky enough to come across an oncologist, Mr. Townsend, that suffered from terminal cancer but set out in his own research journey.

    I am encouraged especially with one particular line of research on transfer factors He claims this saved his life along with conventional medical treatment. He is in his 80s. I am on a mission to get this information out to as many people as I can. I believe this product helped save three of my dear friends that suffered from various cancers. The website isn’t a sales site, only informational. .

  2. Tracy

    Met you on Inspire and was so impressed with you that I had to check out your blog. I love all that you present here and your attitude towards all that you are facing. Thank you for sharing so much of your life for others.

    1. Jesicha`s Hope (@jesichashope)

      Tracy, thank you for your very kind and encouraging words. My reward for all I do is in seeing the appreciation of others. My hope is I will help others to enjoy life longer, to save a life for another day, another year – for whatever else they have to give to the world. I hope that those I help give more life will appreciate the opportunity given them and will enjoy life’s experience fully.

  3. Karri

    Do not post claims about drugs and reactions unless it is credible. The post you have about morphine is not believable. There are many people who do not understand what is credible information. Anyone can post on the Internet, credible websites are: .edu, .gov are a couple. There needs to be citations of the people who have done the extensive research.

    1. jesichashope

      Karri, the article in question was given resources that are credible and it was there were no claims made other than quoted by doctors and/or scientists that remarked on what their discoveries proved. Yes, anyone can post on the internet but unless you have at least three good sources of your information to back up what you have said you lose all credibility. We never give advice, we are not scientists, or doctors; we give information that is food for thought and gives the opportunity for people to make educated decisions and have informed discussions with their chosen caregiver. Making people aware of research makes them more apt to make better decisions about their health.

  4. Duane

    Just found this site. I am thoroughly impressed. Keep up the good work.

  5. Gary Bristow

    My wife has Invasive Ductal Carsoanova. She has been to Hope4cancer in Cancun Mexico for 21 days of treatment. She has had 6 injections of Rigvir, once a week now. Can anyone tell me results for anyone having this Virotherpy?

    1. jesichashope

      Gary, we have emailed you regarding your wife’s struggle. After 21 days I would hope she is on her feet again. Please let us know how those 21 days helped her overcome the cancer, It is not difficult to kill the cancer, it is quite another to stop it from returning and to eliminate the cause as well pathogens that hang around cancer. It can be done.

    2. Pat M.

      I’m considering Hope4Cancer’s rigvir treatment. I’m interested in knowing how your wife is doing now. Would you be willing to share? Thank you.

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